A spacecraft travel to a distant nest planet and also transporting thousands of human being has a failure in that sleep chambers. Together a result, 2 passengers room awakened 90 years early.

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What happens in Passengers

Watch Passengers virtual Free. Passengers is among the finest movies accessible in HD quality and with English subtitles because that free. Passengers is one upcoming imdb movie genres USA, Drama,Romance,Science Fiction Passengers film starring Andy García, Aurora Perrineau, kris Pratt, Fred Melamed, Jennifer Lawrence, Julee Cerda, Kristin Brock, Laurence Fishburne, Matt Corboy, Michael Sheen The movie is scheduled to be theatrically exit (2016 )

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Genre: Drama,Romance,Science Fiction

Director: Ana Maria Quintana, Dawn Massaro, Donald Murphy, Jack Gill, James Currier, Justin Muller, Michelle Schrauwers, Morten Tyldum, Peter Dress, Peter McGrew, Robert S. Hoffman

Actors: Andy García, Aurora Perrineau, kris Pratt, Fred Melamed, Jennifer Lawrence, Julee Cerda, Kristin Brock, Laurence Fishburne, Matt Corboy, Michael Sheen

Country: USA

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