Why publication a exclusive party?

You gain to pick from any of end 10,000 paintingsYou acquire a exclusive party room with your own artist!No set up, no clean up - just show up!It"s the very same price together a constant class!

How lot does the cost?

Child paints are $28 every painter, with a minimum of 8 painters. There space no various other fees.

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Adult 2 hour paints are $38-47 per painter, depending on which of our surface you"d like to paint. There space no other fees.

Adult 3 hour paintings are $45-55 per painter. There space no other fees.

What sort of parties have the right to we come for?

Birthday parties (Adults and *Kids 7 & and also older) *Please call us to comment on parties for younger children!Christmas partiesBachelorette partiesBaby showersChurch groupsOffice partiesGraduation partiesOrganization next (Red Hat, junior League, Girl Scouts, etc)Field tripsGirl"s Night OutAbsolutely any type of reason come get along with your friends / co-workers / neighbors!

When can I have actually a party?

7 job of the main & you surname the time! (subject come artist availability)

How execute I make reservation a spot for my party?

Just speak to or message us in ~ (337) 602-6239

Email us atlakecharles

OR fill out this request


Do friend offer any discounts on large parties?

In general, we don"t. The advantages to the exclusive parties in ~ no added cost are in the 1st question... Us feel we market an amazing organization for the price us charge!

What wake up if I need to cancel mine party or who pays yet can"t come?

All refunds for individual payments space made via keep credit, which has actually no expiration date. If a human being or party is a no-show, no refunds will be given.

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Child Parties

Kid parties space super famous at paint with a Twist! The birthday young or girl should be transforming seven v fourteen in order to obtain the discounted rate.

Cost: $225 for a party that 8 or under painters. That course much more can join the fun for simply $28/ painter. This has our personal room & committed instructor/hostess, all art supplies, aprons to wear while painting, instruction, set-up and also clean-up!


No set up (you can bring any kind of decorations you"d like, but our studio is nice festive already & not lot is needed, if anything)

No clean up (you don"t have to clean your house prior to OR after!)

Plenty of child-friendly paints to select from (done on the adult size canvas!)

Step by action instruction

Time for cake eating, current opening, etc....the entire party deserve to be hosted here!

We gather all of the kids together ~ above the stage at the finish of the party for group pictures - great momentos!

Each participant will leave through their own painting - no require for goody bags!

You bring in whatever cake / cupcakes / drinks you"d like. The most popular choices these days room cupcakes (no cutting, boxing up left-overs, etc) and juice boxes!