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The parish of our Lady Queen of Martyrs roman Catholic Church in Centerport is considered a tiny one, with just 1,400 families. Just a tiny over 800 of these families are active members. St. Patrick's roman inn CatholicChurch that Huntington, i m sorry is only a few miles away, has actually over 3,000 families.

Since 1953 the Centerport parish has used a converted 60-year-old garage together its church. A vestibule and also a steeple were added, and also a brand-new wooden floor was put down over the old concrete one.

Still, over there were difficulties with the building. Once the Brooklyn architectural firm of Beatty & Beatty assessed its problem last year, its report declared that necessary renovations would expense $674,000.

The engineering committee that the 18 elected members that the parish council issued a report stating the they thought building a brand-new church would be a better investment.

''The wall surfaces were bowing out and also there to be water rot,'' said the church's pastor, the Rev. Joseph F. Colligan. ''The building wasn't structurally sound. The fundamental structure is still a garage.''

In June 1981 the parish bought the Echo education home structure on prospect Road, around 600 feet from the current church. Critical month, the disk waterfront home was demolished come make way for a new $1.2 million church. The existing church will also be razed and the website turned into a parking lot.

''We wouldn't be building a new church if this one to be salvagable,'' claimed Father Colligan, who has been the church's pastor for 13 years. The brand-new church is not being developed on the site of the old one, ''because parish life would have to stop because that a year,'' he added.

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A petition objecting come the new church has been signed through 58 world in the neighborhood. However, it won't have any effect. ''Only one family from the parish has actually signed it,'' father Colligan said. ''Forty-two that those names space from people who live on prospect Road. They're afraid that property values could change. The brand-new building is still in design advancement but it will certainly be a mix of traditional and also contemporary.''

The new church, i m sorry will have actually a check out of Centerport Harbor, is being designed so the it will certainly not obstruct the view from the houses on prospect Road.