Welcome come the web site that the Parish-Shrine of ours Lady of mountain Carmel.

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Our history as a faith neighborhood dates back to the finish of the 19th century. Beginning with the humble chapel the 1895, adhered to by the church that 1908, come the erection that the present building in 1967 and also its dedication together diocesan shrine ~ above 2006, the faithful have ongoing their expedition to Melrose Park in unwavering faith and tradition to salary homage come Our Blessed mom Mary under her old title of our Lady of mountain Carmel.

Our yearly solemn novena and also unique feast, the Eucharistic Celebrations, the street processions, the many religious practices organized in ours Church are definitely spiritual experiences that enable us to suffer God in a distinctive way. Faith, Family and Fun are certainly the trademarks the our plenty of celebrations.

I feel truly blessed come preside in confidence over this community. Gift able to experience the amazing devotion that many, listening to faithful civilization praying and also singing throughout our liturgical services, discovering the endless efforts of committed parishioners come make out of our spiritual experience the finest offering that have the right to be gift to our Lord v the intercession that la Madonna, and seeing those who come ago to Melrose Park to sign up with us in specific moments of the year, renders me realize how an effective it is the affect Our Blessed Mother has caused in the lives of countless people. I simply hope we all can do our ideal to proceed filling the hearts of numerous with pride because that our Catholic heritage.

It is my expect that together we maintain our belief alive and also as we lug on the rituals and also spiritual methods of the Church, us make certain the love come la Madonna continues to shower the lives and also hearts of newer generations; us count in their capability and courage to bring on this practices of faith in order come make the end of our spiritual journey a project that us toss into the future through trustful hearts for we recognize as long as Love and also Faith relocate us forward, variety of blessing will continue for plenty of years come come.

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I take the opportunity to invite each among you come become part of our faith community. The Parish-Shrine offers plenty of different spiritual events and spiritual experiences all throughout the year and we would choose you come take component in as plenty of as possible, please make sure you visit our web-site continuously in bespeak to keep updated in regards come our celebrations, I likewise encourage you to it is registered in our Parish system, doing for this reason will allow us to keep in touch and also it will certainly ensure you receive our different communications. Might la Madonna del Carmine continue to shower you all through abundance of graces and may her infant Son approve you all kind of blessings form above.