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National geographic Presents One weird Rock (Available top top Netflix)

This series examines the interplay in between earth science and biology. It"s crucial for the NGSS course, The life Earth. But it have the right to work for various other courses, too.


Our home: one weird rock, floating in space. But just exactly how strange is it? are we alone?

Shooting locations include Kazakhstan, Iowa, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Michoacán, India, and the International space Station. The people involved in the story speak in their indigenous languages. Subtitles appear, yet there room no voice-overs. The authenticity is powerful.

The camera occupational is stunning and includes scan vistas, comprehensive close-ups, and dynamic drone footage.

This set includes 33 inquiries that students have the right to answer throughout a single, uninterrupted the town hall of the episode.

One Strange rock is hosted by will Smith and astronauts kris Hadfield, Nicole Stott, Jeffrey Hoffman, Mae Jemison, Leland Melvin, Mike Massimino, Jerry Linenger, and also Peggy Whitson.

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A heavy font ensures high legibility even in dim lightingQuestions are designed to be answered while the video clip plays—quick, an easy responses store students engaged without request deep enjoy that would certainly take them the end of the presentationQuestion varieties are mixed: fill-in-the-blank, many choice, examine lists, and also short answer are common; in some cases, equivalent or sequencing.Certain moment in a documentary merit undivided attention. No questions have actually been inserted in those moments."Play to the buzzer": whenever possible, the last question in the collection is answered during the last seconds of the video.I to be a classroom teacher who has actually designed these resources for use v my students. If you find competing products online, by all means check castle out. They may be cheaper; they might be free. None will be as professional, polished, or classroom-ready as this one.

Print-friendly Google Docs upgrade (Summer 2021): These papers were originally produced to be printed and also photocopied for classroom use. As soon as the pandemic forced instruction to it is in remote, the documents were conveniently recreated in Google Docs format. When instruction migrated into hybrid models, an additional redesign was dubbed for: print-friendly Google Docs.

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The college student Google Docs file/s linked to in this product is/are perfect for use as Google Docs and also for printing and photocopying. Mine priority is come redesign the student papers first. The answer secrets will stay as PDFs because that the instant future.