Hi, in this tutorial ns would prefer to show you exactly how to develop a One hour one life server. If you ever before wanted to play this game on your personal server. ~ this tutorial, her server need to be up and running :)

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To create server, we will usage a linux operating system. In my case I will usage ubuntu 16.04 server. We need to obtain some tools to translate in server because that our usage.All you require is in this situation linux server. You can acquire it by to buy VPS for couple of bucks.Below friend can uncover command which will download all compelled tools to construct executables.Type this in console and also press enter

sudo apt-get install git g++ imagemagick xclip libsdl1.2-dev libglu1-mesa-dev libgl1-mesa-devadditionally, we will need display screen software to make server operation in background. You deserve to install it prefer that:

sudo apt-get install display screen Once you get all required libraries and tools, we have to download resource files i m sorry we gained when we bought the game.The url to site with source code need to look favor following:

http://onehouronelife.com/ticketServer/server.php?action=show_downloads&ticket_id=yourgamecodeIt have to look choose that:


We need document called OneLife_Live4_UnixSource.tar.gz.We have the right to download it making use of command wget:

sudo wget http://download6.onehouronelife.com/downloads/OneLife_Live4_UnixSource.tar.gzOf course link can change so you have to copy it because that yourself. If you downloaded server files, we need to extract them using this command:

sudo tar xzf OneLife_Live4_UnixSource.tar.gzOnce documents are extracted, you should go to folder containing all we need using command:

cd OneLife_Live4_UnixSourceNow, we need to execute script which will certainly get and compile whatever we require like that:

sudo ./pullAndBuildLatestAbove manuscript will get resource code of a game from github repository for this reason it will take a while and likewise it needs to compile everything.After it"s excellent we have actually basically a compiled game. It will certainly be required to create our an initial server.Next action is to go to server papers using command:

cd OneLife/serverIt method that us go from folder OneLife_Live4_UnixSource come folder OneLife and also then folder server.Now we need to compile our server documents using command:

sudo ./configureWe should see something favor that

Our an option is probably linux if not, select as you need.After the we have to execute:

makeAnd almost last step is to attach some game records to server records using commands line through line:

sudo ln -s ../../OneLifeData7/objects .sudo ln -s ../../OneLifeData7/transitions .sudo ln -s ../../OneLifeData7/categories .Now, finally we have the right to run our server favor that:

sudo ./OneLifeServerIf girlfriend did every little thing correctly, you have to see something choose this:

Now, to affix as player, we have actually to set server ip and permit custom server link in player configuration.First, we need to go to our game "one hour one life" files located on our pc or various other hardware we got.Next is to find settings folder. And in the folder, we need document called customServerAddress.ini. This paper we just edit using software like notepad or various other text editor. We have to see localhost address. We readjust it to ip of our server. After ~ we conserve it and also close it.Next document which we require to readjust is referred to as useCustomServer.ini. There must be number 0. As soon as we readjust it to 1, video game will affix directly to our server.If we changed server port, then we have to change it in game paper called customServerPort.ini.Last setup we can want to change is once our server wants password. If so, we have actually to collection it in file called serverPassword.ini.If we did all described above, us are all set to go.Let"s operation our video game on our computer and also click login making use of our credentials. We must be ~ above the server and our console need to look favor this:

Success, we developed our server and it functions :)

If you want to adjust server port, let"s get ago to server console.First, let"s revolve off ours server. It"s not in elevator yet, so simply use faster way ctrl + d which turns off server.We must be in path /OneLife_Live4_UnixSource/OneLife/serverWe need to go to folder referred to as settings making use of command:

cd settingsNow, let"s discover files maxplayers.ini, port.ini, requireClientPassword.ini and also clientPassword.ini.Names of papers are self-explaining, therefore I will certainly talk only around enabling server password. If you want to enable server password, head to file called requireClientPassword.ini set value come 1 rather of 0 and collection your password in record clientPassword.ini. After ~ those steps, girlfriend configured all basic configurations.Now we desire to use display screen software to operation server process in background. It method that server will certainly not rotate off after we close a terminal (console).Let"s head back to folder dubbed server. If we are in folder settings, we can go ago using command:

cd ..Now let"s run the server in the background utilizing command:

sudo display screen -dmS oneliveserver ./OneLifeServerAfter utilizing this command, our server procedure is in elevator mode. To attach to server process, type:

screen -r oneliveserverAbove command will bring you ago to her "One hour one life" server console.

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To ago into background mode, you must use shortcut vital ctrl + a and also ctrl + d. It will detach server process and put it right into background setting so it will run still.

I guess that"s every you require to understand to make "One hour one life" server up and running.

Good luck!

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