I do not agree through what girlfriend say, however I will safeguard to the death your appropriate to say it.– Voltaire

Common sense is no so common.– Voltaire

Love is a canvas furnished through nature and also embroidered through imagination.– Voltaire

It is forbidden come kill; because of this all murderers are punished unless they death in big numbers andto the sound the trumpets.– Voltaire

Men usage thought just to justify your wrong-doings, and speech just to conceal theirtoughts.– Voltaire

Dare to think because that yourself.– Voltaire

Our friends abandon us only too easily, and our enemies are implacable.– Voltaire

It is an overwhelming to complimentary fools native the chains they revere.– Voltaire

We space all complete of weakness and also errors; let united state mutually pardon each various other our follies – that is thefirst legislation of nature.– Voltaire

Judge a guy by his questions rather than by his answers.– Voltaire

It is far better to risk conserving a guilty male than to condemn an innocent one.– Voltaire

Never controversy at the dinner table, for the one that is no hungry always gets the ideal of theargument.– Voltaire

Atheism is the angry of a couple of intelligent people.– Voltaire

Every male is guilty of every the good he did not do.– Voltaire

When he that hears doesn’t understand what he that speaks means, and when he who speaksdoesn’t understand what he himself method – the is philosophy.– Voltaire

He who thinks self wise, O Heavens! is a good fool.– Voltaire

Paradise is where I am.– Voltaire

Who has not the spirit of his age, that his age has all the unhappiness.– Voltaire

I have never made yet one prayer come God, a really short one: “O Lord, do my enemiesridiculous.” and also God granted it.– Voltaire

The true triumph of factor is the it allows us to get along with those who carry out not possessit.– Voltaire

There are guys who deserve to think no deeper 보다 a fact.– Voltaire

Life is a shipwreck however we have to not forget to sing in the lifeboats.– Voltaire

Pleasure is the object, duty and also the goal of all rational creatures.– Voltaire

In this nation (England) the is advantageous from time come time to death one admiral in order toencourage the others.– Voltaire

Prejudices space what fools use for reason.– Voltaire

Anyone who has the power to make you think absurdities has the strength to make youcommit injustices.– Voltaire

Lord, defend me from my friends; I deserve to take care of mine enemies.– Voltaire

Work keeps united state from three an excellent evils, boredom, vice, and poverty.– Voltaire

This agglomeration which was called and which still calls chin the holy Roman empire isneither Holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire.– Voltaire

Change everything, ecxept your loves.– Voltaire

History is no much more than the portrayal the crimes and also misfortunes.– Voltaire

I die adoring God, loving my friends, not hating my enemies, and also detesting superstition.– Voltaire

Orgies: take part once, you’re a philosopher; twice, a pervert.– Voltaire

Shun idleness. The is a rust that attaches chin to the most brilliant metals.– Voltaire

The finest is the opponent of the good.– Voltaire

The art of medicine is composed in funny the patience while nature effects the cure.– Voltaire

What most persons consider as virtue, after ~ the age of 40 is simply a ns of energy.– Voltaire

Friendship is the marriage of the soul.– Voltaire

Let us read and let us dance – two amusements the will never do any harm to the world.– Voltaire

Virtue debases chin in justifying itself.– Voltaire

Love truth, however pardon error.– Voltaire

In general, the art of government consists in taking as much money as possible from oneclass of citizen to give to the other.– Voltaire

Liberty of thought is the life that the soul.– Voltaire

If this is the best of all possible worlds, what room the others like?– Voltaire

The superfluous, a an extremely necessary thing.– Voltaire

Every man, as to character, is the biology of the period in which the lives. Very couple of are may be toraise themselves above the ideas of their times.– Voltaire

If God did not exist, it would certainly be crucial to create him.– Voltaire

The an excellent consolation in life is come say what one thinks.– Voltaire

All the reasons of a guy cannot outweigh a solitary feeling of a woman.– Voltaire

The an enig of being a bore is to tell everything.– Voltaire

Superstition is to faith what astrology is to astronomy the foolish daughter that a wise mother.These daughters have too long dominated the earth.– Voltaire

The male who leaves money come charity in his will certainly is only offering away what no much longer belongs tohim.– Voltaire