The diocese watch a lot different than it did when On Mission for The Church Alive! began in 2015. However one thing has never changed: our commitment as a diocese to growing closer come Christ and also sharing the an excellent News of the Gospel. This page is her go-to spot for the most up-to-date information on diocesan parishes and groupings. You"ll likewise find ways that you can participate in the life of her parish or grouping.

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On April 15, 2015, Bishop Zubik announced On Mission for The Church Alive! through a question, “Are friend excited around your faith?” with that concern Bishop Zubik ushered a vision and also hope that every put person, religious, priest and deacon in the Diocese of Pittsburgh would see that he or she has critical place in the Church together the human body of Christ. He defined that the fire of belief in our hearts and the immediate desire come share that faith is the essence of On Mission for The Church Alive! He dubbed the Church of Pittsburgh come use the gifts that God has actually given so that everyone, all over may concerned Learn Jesus, Love Jesus and also Live Jesus. The vision the the Church Alive! is to become a Church ~ above fire through faith and to have disciples ready to go out and bring people to Christ. The goal that On Mission for The Church Alive! is to do our diocesan parishes, schools, spiritual education programs — every aspect of the life the The Church — ever an ext vibrant in worship and service!

the diocese is split into two vicariates

diocesan clergymans share insights on the an individual parish for black catholics through cna newsroom


St. Benedict the Moor Parish serves the requirements of black Catholics 
Father Matthew Hawkins, parochial vicar of St. Benedict the Moor Parish in the Hill District, and Father David Taylor, its senior parochial vicar, common their insights through the Catholic News company (CNA) Newsroom around the June 2020 establishment of the parish as a personal parish for black color Catholics. check out the interview come learn around the history of St. Benedict the Moor Parish in Pittsburgh and to hear dad Hawkins" and also Father Taylor"s hopes for that future. 


After parish festivals to be suspended in 2020 as result of the pandemic, pastors have gotten the go ahead to arrangement celebrations this summer. All events will be continual with PA room of Health and also county COVID security guidelines.

When a girlfriend of Deacon stack Caruso came right into an unanticipated financial windfall, she knew that other human being needed the money more than she did. She has provided several thousands dollars to help people offered by parishes in Pittsburgh"s northern suburbs.  This donation has benefitted the Saint Vincent de Paul culture and Stephen Ministry, which support world who are in need, hurting or in crisis.

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Three parishes have recently repurposed existing spaces into functional offices. Check out in The Pittsburgh Catholic exactly how Mary, mother of God, our Lady of Hope and Our Lady of mountain Carmel parishes created brand-new parish centers, many thanks to the tough work of staff and also parishioners.

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