Monthly gaue won Report for October 2021

The Office of Budget and also Management has released the Monthly Economic an introduction and State gaue won Report.

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2nd yearly sponsor Summit

The Office that Budget and also Management is hosting the second grants Summit essentially on December 7, 2021.

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RELEASE:’s shortcut Rating and also Outlook at highest possible Level in 42 Years and Announces robust Monthly Preliminary Revenue Data

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Governor Mike DeWine signs budget plan Into Law governor Mike DeWine signed Amended Substitute residence Bill 110 – the biennium budget plan legislation.

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The Office of Budget and Management ( is a cabinet-level company within the executive, management branch that the state government. The director of sits on the Governor's cabinet together the Governor's cook financial officer. The mission of is to administer financial management and policy analysis to help ensure the responsible use of state resources. You can contact the Office the Budget and also Management by email at Contact
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Bonds and also Investors

This area provides general information ~ above State that debt and also provides investors v convenient and also timely access to current rating reports, the state's monthly combination bond sale schedule, official statements,'s current and also historical financial reports, disclosure information, and other pertinent information.

Operating Budget

The budget established because that the procedure of a state agency or program, typically based upon legislative appropriation, and completed in a two-year duration beginning through even-numbered fiscal years.

The Checkbook

The Checkbook enhances government transparency by giving real-time state financial and transactional data.

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Kimberly Murnieks to be appointed manager of the Office that Budget and also Management by branch Mike DeWine on January 14, 2019. Serving as the cook Financial Officer under the leadership of governor DeWine, she oversees an office that develops, coordinates and also monitors the budgets the state agencies, offers the governor and management with policy analysis, and reviews all financial transactions.
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The Office that Budget and also Management has released the Monthly Economic an introduction and State jae won Report.
The Office the Budget and Management is hosting the 2nd grants Summit basically on December 7, 2021.
The Office the Budget and Management has actually released the Monthly Economic an overview and State jae won Report.

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