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"oh shit nigger what space you doing" is a phrase commonly used transparent the prefectures of 4chan, Reddit and other famous image boards. The expression is supplied to delineate a emotion of bafflement to one more users questionable or bewildering actions. It is frequently accompanied by a reaction face expressing confusion, despite it is normally used end an exploitable picture of a man poking a nail into his forehead.


The faster discernible usage of the phrase was by an anonymous user that 4chan in the /a/ plank on the July 24, 2009. The phrase was recursively provided throughout several different boards over the complying with weeks.

The phrase and the picture it is many often connected with was first uploaded through chan4chan user iprobablyhateyou top top January 12, 2010.

The picture itself originated on iStock picture as early as august 16 in 2004.

Notable Examples




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At a an important moment in a game between the Chicago Bears and also Pittsburgh Steelers, Cassius swamp was called for taunting: other than everyone is specific he didn"t perform anything close come taunting. This has actually rallied the fanbase to was standing together versus one point they every agree is bad: NFL Taunting Rules.

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