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Developed in partnership v the National geographical Society, market-leading OCEANOGRAPHY: AN invitation TO naval SCIENCE, 9e provides you a an easy understanding that the scientific questions, complexities, and also uncertainties affiliated in ocean use-as well together the function and importance of the ocean in nurturing and sustaining life top top Earth. Seasoned researcher Tom Garrison and also Robert Ellis emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of marine science, stressing its web links to biology, chemistry, geology, physics, meteorology, astronomy, ecology, history, and economics. The book"s focus on the science procedure includes numerous "How do We Know?" boxes detailing the scientific research behind just how oceanographers understand what they know. Coverage the climate adjust has been updated come reflect the latest findings. In addition, thing 14 "Primary Producers" includes expanded coverage the photosynthetic and chemosynthetic producer to help you understand the "big picture" in maritime biology.

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Tom Garrison (Ph.D., college of southerly California) to be an motivating professor of maritime science for over 47 years at Orange coast College in Costa Mesa, California -- one of the largest undergraduate maritime science departments in the unified States. Dr. Garrison likewise held one adjunct professorship in ~ the university of southern California and also won lot of teaching and education awards during his career. A establishing member the the Consortium for ocean Science Exploration and Engagement, he composed a constant column because that the journal OCEANOGRAPHY and enjoyed composing for NATIONAL geographic magazine. Dr. Garrison to be an Emmy award team participant as writer and science torture for the PBS syndicated "Oceanus" television collection as well together a writer and also science torture for "The countless Voyage" -- a collection of TV program on oceanography. His widely supplied textbooks in oceanography and also marine scientific research are college market bestsellers, and also 42 year of teaching allowed him to pass his oceanic passionate to an ext than 65,000 students. Robert Ellis (M.E.S.M., university of California, Santa Barbara) has actually been teaching marine, earth and also environmental science courses in both the classroom and also the field because 2000. The serves as associate professor in the naval science department at Orange coastline College in southerly California and director that the OCC windy Aquarium. When not ~ above campus, Professor Ellis regularly helps come develop and teach international ar courses in marine science and also management in assorted parts that the Caribbean, central America and also the south Pacific. His graduate work concentrated on marine resource management at UC Santa Barbara, and he has actually participated in and also managed study projects and educational program in many parts the the world. He and also wife Katie have actually two wonderful kids, Kalen and Abigail.

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Table that Contents

1. The beginning of the Ocean. 2. A background of maritime Science. 3. Earth Structure and Plate Tectonics. 4. Ocean Basins. 5. S Sediments. 6. Water and Ocean Structure. 7. Ocean Chemistry. 8. Circulation the the Atmosphere. 9. Circulation the the Ocean. 10. Waves. 11. Tides. 12. Coasts. 13. Life in the Ocean. 14. Main Producers. 15. Maritime Animals. 16. Naval Communities. 17. Marine Resources. 18. The Ocean and the Environment. Afterword. Appendix I: Measurements and Conversions. Attachment II: Geologic Time. Appendix III: Latitude and Longitude, Time, and also Navigation. Appendix IV: Maps and also Charts. Appendix V: The Beaufort Scale. Appendix VI: Taxonomic group of naval Organisms. Postposition VII: routine Table the the Elements. Appendix VIII: functioning in naval Science.