The former Gage Brothers residential or commercial property on West 12th Street — now well-known as The Crossroads — has actually landed its very first national retailer.

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Northern device + tools will relocate the Sioux falls store native 2601 S. Louise Ave. To The Crossroads, whereby it will obtain 6,500 square feet.

Northern Tool provides brand-name tools and also equipment, consisting of Stihl, Milwaukee, Lincoln Electric and also Honda draft for specialists “and the significant DIY-er,” the store said in a statement. It additionally offers small-engine parts, and also a service and repair department.


“Northern tool is proud to be part of the Sioux falls community, and we room excited to save our visibility in the sector with a bigger keep that will certainly be much more accessible come our good customers,” Joe Apolloni, senior vice president of retail, stated in a statement.

With the bigger space, north Tool will lug in 1,600 extr products come the new location.

“They’re moving dirt, doing structure work, so building basically has started because they’d prefer to be open up as conveniently as possible,” said Raquel Blount of Lloyd Cos., that represents The Crossroads.

“This place puts them follow me the interstate, for this reason they have fantastic exposure through this site.”

The arrangement is to open in February 2022, north Tool said.

The family-owned Minnesota-based agency is marking 40 years in business and also has much more than 120 retail locations in 22 states.

The 26-acre Crossroads building is own by Sioux drops land developer Jim Soukup and Al Spencer. They’re selling the north Tool website to a Minnesota developer who’s leasing it to the company.

Other transaction at The Crossroads additionally are in the works.

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“We’re working with a national coffee shop, and also we have interest from other quick-service restaurants, retailers and hotels,” Blount said, adding she anticipates much more announcements however this year.