BISMARCK - The phibìc Dakota council on the Arts has completed that is spring approve round for fiscal year 2012 and also has awarded over $531,000 in six various programs.

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BISMARCK - The north Dakota the supervisory board on the Arts has actually completed that is spring grant round because that fiscal year 2012 and has awarded end $531,000 in six different programs.

Area individuals and groups in the miscellaneous programs receiving sponsor included:

Artist in Residence: james town Fine art Association, Wilson and McKee, $1,979; ar Arts Access: landscape Cass County ar Theater, Casselton, $1,700; Gwinner art Council, $1,700; Hankinson Park Board, $1,400; Lisbon Sheyenne good Arts Association, $1,250; city that Rutland, $1,800; Bowdon development Center, $1,500; Foster County historical Society, Carrington, $1,500; Harvey Lions Club, $800; and also Oakes windy School, $1,400; Institutional Support: arts Council of the Lake, $9,960, and Lake an ar Heritage Center, $5,799, both Devils Lake; Dakota Prairie regional Center because that the Arts, brand-new Rockford, $8,123; Fargo Theatre, $10,000; Fargo-Moorhead Opera Co., $9,775; F-M Orchestral Association, $10,000; F-M Area Youth Symphony, $6,978; Fargo Future Builders, $10,000; Fargo learning Bank, $6,765; F-M room Chorale, $3,930; northern Prairie Performing Arts, $9,243, levels Art Museum, $10,000, Red River boy Choir, $3,935, soul Room, $3,075, The arts Partnership, $7,805, Theatre B, $6,668, every Fargo; Rourke arts Gallery Museum, Moorhead, $6,757; and Jamestown good Arts Association, $10,000; presenter Support: Devils Lake Chautauqua "76 Corp., $850; Fargo Park district $1,850; F-M intuitive Artists, $1,850; historic and social Society the Clay County, $1,850; Minnesota State college Moorhead Performing art Series, $1,850; Nordic art Alliance, Moorhead, $1,350; and also Three Rivers arts Council, Wahpeton, $1,850; Teacher Incentive: Roosevelt primary school School, Jamestown, $300; and Montpelier publicly School, $600; classic Arts Apprenticeship: Loy Larson and also Jamison Quanbeck, Fargo, $1,400; rick Whittier and also Wayne, Wyatt and Seth Harles, Lidgerwood, $2,150; Izudin and also Dzenan Becic, Moorhead, and also Chris Brown, Fargo, $2,150; Margreat Sam, Moorhead, and Ishika Gupta, Fargo, $1,533; Patricia Stuen and Marlys Goulet, Wahpeton, $2,000; Theresa Haag, Jamestown, and Gayle Cook, Woodworth, $1,500; and also John Gross, Napoleon, and also Celia Schmaltz, Bismarck, $1,885.

for a finish list of award winners as well as guidelines and also application instructions because that these and other NDCA approve programs, visit or call (701) 328-7590.

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