When the Pinnacle Armor firm stated the they had developed an armor that deserve to have as much as Level V ballistic-rated rating, one would have actually thought that us were going come witness a cartridge proof vest breakthrough. The Dragon Skin vest, they referred to as it. However, together at now, over there is no known user the this armor, neither has it been adopted into usage by any force or army.

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So, is the Dragon Skin armor really as an excellent as it has actually been advertised or is it just one more regular vest?

About the Vest

The Dragon Skin is a cartridge proof vest the was initially produced by the Pinnacle Armor Company. Also though the firm is no much longer active, the armor is tho being created by the north American breakthrough Group gmbh in Missoula, Montana.


The vest is consisted of of a two-inch-wide ring discs arranged in together a manner that it overlaps to kind the visual representation of a scale; thus the name. Unlike regular steel armor, the dragon skin vest is quite flexible and permits for mobility and intensified movement. It is especially designed to withstand and also repel many ballistic hits compared to other bullet proof vest.

The dragon skin armor discs room made that silicon carbide ceramic matrices as well as laminates. These are technically the same products that comprise the continuous ceramic key for hard body armor.

The Ratings Conundrum

In 2006, the firm had declared to have received a letter of authentication native the NIJ stating that the Dragon Skin SOV-2000 has actually passed the NIJ ballistic test demands for Level III human body armor protection. It was later discovered that the test to be yet to be conducted and also the ratings to be misleading.


In 2007, the NIJ retracted this rating and released that the dragon skin vests cannot withstand a traditional ballistic attack. The vest was removed for the list of cartridge proof vests models that had satisfied the NIJ experimentation program.

However, the vest is quiet on the sector as there space online retailers who market them because that sale.

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