Ni No Kuni 2 familiars space not what you may remember native the first game. Instead, us now have actually Ni No Kuni 2 Higgledy that take the place of familiars. Higgledies in Ni No Kuni 2 help your party by fighting together you and also using offensive and also defensive abilities automatically and also when instructed. This write-up covers Ni No Kuni 2 Higgledy so friend know how to get much more Higgledies and what they execute in combat. We\"ve also included all Higgledy rock locations and also Higgledy rock items so friend can find the areas of every Higgledy and include them to her party.

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What room Higgledies

Higgledies are small creatures that will help you in combat and while traversing the world. You gain accessibility to Higgledy beforehand in the game, however you can’t level them increase or develop your very own until you acquire to the kingdom structure phase that the game. If you’re not right into the finer details that combat, you have the right to let the Higgledy execute their point automatically.

Without setting up anything, Higgledy will heal party members, throw the end green and also blue orbs the replenish HP and also MP respectively, and even shield party members v protective spells. This is all automatic depending on which Higgledy you have actually in your party. You can have increase to four Higgledy assigned to her party in ~ once, and also swap lock out choose you would common party members.

Each Higgledy has actually a set cost. Many Higgledy you find in the early on portions that the video game will cost one point, but some that the Higgledy you do or find during the late game can price four points or more. If you have the right to have increase to four Higgledy in your party, you can only have actually a total Higgledy price of 10. That way if you’re using three Higgledy that expense three clues each, girlfriend won’t be able to add another three suggest Higgledy to your party.

Where to discover Higgledy


You can discover Higgledy by interacting with Higgledy Stones or in the Higglery when you’ve built a kingdom (see Creating and Enhancing Higgledies below). When you come throughout a Higgledy stone you must offer the Higgledy within something an excellent in order for it to join your party. You’ll be given a hint of what the Higgledy stone wants and also you’ll have the ability to select noþeles in your inventory that falls into that category. If you have actually the item the Higgledy wants, that will sign up with your party. If girlfriend don’t, you’ll have to offer it something else. One of two people way, you lose the article you market to the Higgledy Stone, however it’s normally a common item, so no a big loss.

Higgledy rock Locations

While we\"ve detailed the items required for every Higgledy Stone, and most that the items locations, friend can discover a more thorough list in our Items List article. We\"ll be including the couple of missing items really soon, so check earlier if the particular location of the rock item you\"re looking for is no listed.

Abyss Area

LocationHiggledyItem RequiredItem Locations
1000 Fathoms DeepHaddock the FishyBright ButtonMakronos, Abyss
2000 Fathoms DeepClambunctious the CalmBighorn ShellReight bright Beacon, well Fish Market

Broadleaf Area

LocationHiggledyItem RequiredItem Locations
Dynafloor No. 2Topturvey the TestyScented SapPinwheel Flats, eastern Wood
Dynafloor No. 3Slingsby the ScorcherWhole MilkRolling Hills, Grotty Grotto
Fathomless ForestBumblebizz the BlowyFine FurAbyss, Pinwheel Flats
Shrine the Time ForgotBoss-Woss the BruiserBolt Eagle Feather???
Sublime ShrineUnkimmon the UncommonCoarse-Grained LumberMakronos, Abyss

Calmlands / Capstan-upon-Hull Areas

LocationHiggledyItem RequiredItem Locations
Death\"s DoorGabardine the GawkerKnight\"s BrocadeDrylands, Bleachbone Shrine
Hidey-HoleMimber the MeandererSackclothCalmlands, Reight bright Beacon
Unsung ShrineWhiting the LightningWonderwater???

Cloudcoil Canyon / Farflung Cape (Northern Islands) / Plainview Plateau Areas

LocationHiggledyItem RequiredItem Locations
Cloudcoil CanyonFiligree the FlightyMunchy NutCloudcoil Canyon, Snaketooth Ridge
Cloudcoil CanyonLarrican the LeafyPrism Pepper???
Crooked CavernSlithy the SpelunkerGlacier decision ClusterAbyss, Mining Camp No. 4
Tightfit CavernFrumious the FlammableHardwearing WoolCalmlands, Swift Solutions
Wyvern\"s DenTove the TenebrousSingle CreamCalmlands, Unsung Shrine

Crash website Area (Frozen North)

LocationHiggledyItem RequiredItem Locations
Freezybones CaveBenison the BrightEnigma PrismMining Camp No. 4, ???
Ice HouseMalignity the IndignitySturdy BoneWiggly Way, forest of Niall

Forest the Niall Area

LocationHiggledyItem RequiredItem Locations
Auld WoodsMutton-Bane the MushyGunkshroomsForest of Niall, Budding Lumberyard
Hard WoodsPhantasmagoria the FoulNightmare Prism???
JumblewoodsPopple the PureSlumbergull FeatherMakronos, Capaneus\"s Crypt
JumblewoodsTwinkle the TweeRugged FurHeartlands, Wiggly Way
Shiverwood ShrineDirge the DismalTwisty BoneLeucippes\" Labyrinth, Pinwheel Flats

Hydropolis Area

LocationHiggledyItem RequiredItem Locations
Dampshow CaveTundle the TropicalCoral HuebloomRolling Hills, Cloudcoil Canyon
Seaspray TunnelDishcloth the DragonyBriar CoralAny Water, Makronos

Rolling Hills Area

LocationHiggledyItem RequiredItem Locations
Crosswater CavernMotley the MenaceSnow-White ThreadRolling Hills, Cloudcoil Canyon
Old WellBawbee the BanditBlossomwheatPinwheel Flats, east Wood
Old WellDimity the DastardlyForked Tail BoneDrylands, Jack Frost\"s Playground
Tumbledown ShrineTilly-Loo the TwinklyClear PrismSwift Solutions, Mining Camp No. 1

Splitstone Canyon (Eastern Desert) Area

LocationHiggledyItem RequiredItem Locations
Bleachbone ShrineTeakettle the ToastyFluffy ClothDrylands, Swift Solutions
Sunshade ShrineVorpal the VolcanicSunnysmile Cotton???

How to usage Higgledies

The Higgledies will immediately use their typical attacks and abilities during a fight. Every Higgledy have actually an attack and also defense rating comparable to your common weapons. When you’ve inflicted enough damage on enemies, a circle will show up around a Higgledy. If you communicate with the Higgledy in the middle of the one (walk up to it and press X), castle will use their main advanced skill.

After you’ve been fighting long enough, Lofty may toss a gold orb toward the personality you’re controlling. If girlfriend touch this orb your character will go into an awakened state. If you’re in the awakened state you have the right to absorb specific Higgledy to boost certain skills and abilities. In addition, any spells or abilities that normally cost MP will be cost-free to usage while you’re in the awakened state.

The very first two skills noted for Higgledy room their normal abilities. The 3rd skill is their advanced ability, and the final skill is what benefits that Higgledy gives you during an awakened state. You deserve to cycle through every one of these Higgledy skills by pushing Triangle in the party menu.

Look in the skills menu for each the your main party members to identify which Higgledy form they have the right to absorb to boost those skills. This is essential so you include Higgledies to her party that will an increase the an abilities you typically use in combat. It deserve to make a huge difference during boss battles and other difficult fights.

Higgledy Abilities

Higgledies have two typical abilities and also two advanced skills. If there are a range of abilities, you’ll operation into numerous Higgledy that share the very same abilities. Because that example, the Scrap, Scrap! normal capability allows a Higgledy to market your party a slight an increase to the strength of ranged attacks. You could run right into a number of Higgledy that all have that ability, yet will offer different abilities because that their 2nd normal capacity and advanced skills. If you find Higgledy the share a common ability, it’s okay to have both of lock in her party since they more than likely don’t have actually anything else in common.

Higgledy Personalities

It’s important to balance Higgledy characters within your party. You can see what a Higgledy’s personality is to the left of your attack and also defense stats. If you have actually a embarrassy Higgledy in your party, you want to have at least one outgoing or aggressive Higgledy to balance lock out. This will permit your Higgledies to do an ext during combat. If you have 4 shy Higgledies in your party, lock won’t it is in as active because none of them will take it the initiative.

Creating and also Enhancing Higgledies


Once you can build your very own kingdom, among the framework you can make is the Higglery. In ~ the Higglery you can create and enhance Higgledies. The an ext research friend put into the Higglery, the better the Higgledies you can create. To develop Higgledy you’ll require a selection of materials, many of i beg your pardon you have the right to gather indigenous the store in your kingdom.

You can also level up the Higgledy at this time in her party. This is the only method you’ll have the ability to level lock up, which boosts their attack and defense and also how efficient their common abilities and advanced skills can be. Higgledies like specific materials, and feeding lock these products via the Higglery is just how you level castle up.

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Ideally you have to only level up the Higgledies you arrangement to encompass in your party. Don’t waste products on Higgledies that won’t in reality see any combat. If girlfriend have an abundance of materials you can increase your Higgledies to level two or three, however wait until you have a most Higgledy to choose from prior to you spend materials leveling them up any greater than that. Make certain you match your Higgledies to the skills of her party members so you deserve to take full advantage of their awakening potential.

We’ll have an ext on Higgledies, consisting of where come find all of the Higgledy Stones in the really near future, so continue to be tuned come our Ni No Kuni 2 game hub for more details!