New picture Eye Center is a Optometrist Center in Springfield, Ohio.

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that is positioned at 1674 phibìc Limestone St, Springfield and its contact number is 937-399-4101. The authorized human of new Image Eye facility is buy it Elizabeth Rogers who is Administrator that the clinic and also their contact number is 937-399-4101. primary license number for new Image Eye facility is 4831 (Optometrist) in Ohio.New picture Eye facility Center have actually optometrists who have the right to examine, diagnose, treat, and manage diseases, injuries, and also disorders that the intuitive system, the eye, and also associated structures as well as identify associated systemic conditions affecting the eye. Optometrists are eye health treatment professionals who room state-licensed come diagnose and treat diseases and also disorders that the eye and also visual system.
New picture Eye center Center speciality, address, call phone number and fax room as below.Patients can call the eye care center on the listed below given call number because that appointment.
official authorized person to call for any kind of management problems or complaints the this clinic space as below. Person"s position and contact details are also mentioned below.
NPI number stands for national Provider Identifier i m sorry is a distinct 10-digit identification number issued to health treatment providers in the United claims by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services (CMS).NPI details for new Image Eye center Center room as discussed below.
Organizations deserve to have one or more medical patent for various specialities in the exact same state or different states. Related clinical licenses for new Image Eye center are as pointed out below.

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Optometrist Corneal and also Contact management Vision therapy Occupational Vision
SpecializationLicense NumberStateStatus

Other legacy medical identifiers of the clinic such together Medicaid, Medicare PIN, NSC, UPIN etc. Are stated as below.
Business mailing attend to can be used for mailing objective only, because that visiting objective patients have to refer above mentioned address.
Address: New photo Eye Center1674 N Limestone St, Springfield, Ohio
Zip: 45503-2652
Phone Number: 937-399-4101
Fax Number: 937-399-2346

Patients deserve to reach new Image Eye center at 1674 phibìc Limestone St, Springfield, Ohio
or deserve to call to publication an meeting on 937-399-4101. Data that this website is accumulated from Medicare & Medicaid solutions (CMS) and NPPES. Last updated top top 10 August, 2021.Comments/ Reviews:
Ophthalmologists is a physician who specialization in eye and also vision care. He/she is median trained to deliver total eye care: primary, an additional and tertiary (i.e., vision services, call lenses, eye examinations, medical eye care and surgical eye care), diagnose general diseases of the body and treat ocular manifestations of systemic diseases.Patients having eye difficulties like bulging the one or both eyes; dark curtain or veil the blocks vision; diminished vision, also if temporary;distorted vision; dual vision; overabundance tearing; eyelid abnormalities; family background of eye disease; halos (colored circles around lights); injury come the eye;loss that peripheral (side) vision; misaligned eyes; new floaters (black "strings" or specks in the vision) and/or flashes of light; ache in the eye; thyroid disease-related eye problems (Graves" disease);unusual red eye; high blood pressure related eye problems; diabetes mellitus related eye problems; HIV or AIDS patients who deserve to have eye trouble in future should consult an ophthalmologist as soon as feasible to conserve their sight.Patients can choose an eye specialist sub speciality from below: