The Metro pcs Store open and close hrs are more or much less the same during the whole working week. In many case, every day has the exact same operating hours.

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through the only exception on Sunday. The same principle is retained by most of the stores.

MONDAY10 am – 8 PM
TUESDAY10 am – 8 PM
THURSDAY10 to be – 8 PM
FRIDAY10 to be – 8 PM
SATURDAY10 am – 8 PM
SUNDAY11 to be – 6 PM

What Time Metro pcs Opens?


What Time Metro computers Opens? as soon as Does The Store Close?

Metro pcs Store usually opens at 10 am on the weekdays, with small exceptions in numerous locations. On Sunday, the time as soon as the store opens tend to it is in different, namely from 11 to be or also 12.

What Time does MetroPCS Close?

What time walk MetroPCS save close? Check out operating hours and when it opens

The time as soon as Metro pcs close deserve to differ from store to store, from location to location.

In many cases, your stores don’t near till 8 afternoon from Monday come Saturday, while on Sunday lock close in two hours previously — at 6 pm.

Some of the stores might close also later in ~ 9 pm, yet this is more an exemption than a rule.

Metro computers Holiday Hours

Usually, Metro computers stores occupational from 10 AM till 8 PM. The hrs when the save is open up for service may be various on the weekend, e.g., a Metro computers store may open later and also close earlier on Sunday. Standing customers of metro PCS might wonder around holidays working schedule the this store. Listed below you can find the list of holidays on which subway PCS might close down:

New year DayMartin Luther King jr’s BirthdayGeorge Washington’s BirthdayMemorial DayThe 4th of JulyLabor DayColumbus DayVeteran’s DayThanksgiving DayChristmas Day

However, part stores might still it is in one on this holidays, yet they would observe one-of-a-kind working hours. To make certain your regional Metro pcs store works on a holiday, simply visit their official website and also use store locator to discover out functioning hours.

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Metro pcs Locations

Don’t recognize where girlfriend can discover Metro pcs Store and also find out its hours? We highly recommend to provide it a try with a save locator readily available by their official homepage. Over there you can search for the closest save in your region, as well as you will find their opens & near hours, addresses and phone numbers.