Your web browser does not assistance the audio element. Arise, Shine! - Dan Forrest / text from Isaiah 60 The Concordia Choir and Master Chorale / Concordia Sinfonietta Out of Darkness, Light! (2018 Christmas Concert at Segerstrom Concert Hall)

I want it now. Instant gratification. Quick food. One click ordering. Exact same day shipping. Don’t have actually the money? charge it! We get irritated wait for a eco-friendly light, no to mention waiting for the driver in front to respond as soon as it does. Choose petulant children, us want whatever now! have we lost the capacity to wait patiently?

It is simple to criticize, however some waiting can be difficult, anxious, or heartbreaking. Sleeplessly, a parent lies in bed, listening for the door signaling their boy is safe. A military family members prays for the return the a love one. We nervously hear for the phone speak to with medical test results. Those who work-related the graveyard shift know the challenge of waiting in darkness and yearning because that light. God bless those that serve in ~ night: those who keep peace and also safety, watch end patients, job so others can rest, also those watching end flocks of sheep, because it is difficult to wait faithfully.

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The advent season is among joyful wait for our Savior. Us anticipate celebrating with family and friends, but we have it locked down. The Messiah’s date of birth is top top the calendar. We will certainly not it is in surprised. This was not so with Jesus’ an initial coming―nor his second.

In Psalm 130, the psalmist cries come a merciful God “from the depths,” knowing his own sin but thankful because that the Lord’s forgiveness. Discovering God’s gracious character, that says:

I wait for the Lord, my spirit waits, and also in his word i hope; my heart waits for the Lord more than watchmen because that the morning, much more than watchmen for the morning (Psalm 130:5–6).

The night clock is cold, hard, and also tiring, but darkness will end. As dawn approaches, the skies lightens and it becomes simpler to see and be alert. Darkness fades until the work breaks and also darkness is gone. The clock is long, yet the sun is rising. My spirit waits for the Lord. He will certainly not disappoint.

We wait because that the celebration event of Jesus birth and for his return. Us watch in anticipation of his perfect light. Our watch may be long, however his coming scatters the darkness.

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O Israel, expect in the Lord! For v the lord there is steadfast love, and also with that is plentiful redemption. And also he will certainly redeem Israel from every his iniquities (Psalm 130:7–8).