The fourth installment that a What If series, that involves the rewriting of episodes. This collection consists of episodes from periods 1-6 (Warning!: episodes rewritten based on personal opinion, you re welcome respect it. Give thanks to you.)


A cold breeze swept previous Rainbow Dash, as she and her pet tortoise, Tank, to be watching as a group of Pegasi towed the city of Cloudsdale in all its majesty. It wasn"t long prior to the magnificent cloud city to be hovering directly over Ponyville.

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Rainbow Dash can hardly contain she excitement. This to be going to be her very first winter with Tank, and also she want to reap every minute of the (last year she had actually entrusted the treatment of Tank to a friend and also had not watched Tank till Spring, other the strong Pegasus discovered odd however didn"t question). "Look in ~ that, Tank! Cloudsdale"s here! That method Ponyville is following up for winter!" She told her tortoise, hugging the close.

Ponies the all types were rushing about on the floor below, also though the running of the leaves had already taken locations weeks ago, there to be still part that had yet to fall off the trees. Rainbow swooped low, shouting encouragement to the runners. "You"re act awesome, everypony! store up the an excellent work!" She flew earlier up to a cloud come rest, together she said to Tank. "Once us get fall cleared away, it"ll it is in hello, winter! and also this time we"re gonna invest it together."

But every one of a sudden, Tank suddenly let the end a yawn. A remarkable snot bubble formed on his nostrils, and he appeared to shiver ever so slightly. Rainbow Dash was rather concerned, she"d never seen Tank act favor this before. "Uh, Tank, you feeling okay little buddy?" She inquiry him. "You"re not coming down through something, are you?"

Tank yawned again, the snap faded and the snot balloon burst, yet he still seemed to be worn down for part reason. This didn"t make Rainbow Dash feel any kind of better, her concerns only grew.

"What"s the matter? I know you"ve acquired plenty that sleep, friend can"t maybe be exhausted already," Rainbow commented. "The most amazing time of the year is right roughly the corner and also we"re ultimately gonna invest it together! That"s the best part about it, you and me enjoying the finest that winter needs to offer! when those ponies carry in the big, fat clouds full of snowflakes, we"ll have a ton of eye for our too much sledding!" She then pointed come a adjacent lake. "And over there, we deserve to play steed hockey, v no shoulder or arm pads! Scootaloo states her father"s coming house for the holiday and also he"s looking front to a re-match for the defeat I offered him critical year. The just far better not intend me come go simple on him due to the fact that I"m friends v his daughter. If he wants his team to be the ideal it have the right to be, also a manager choose him has to acquire some hooves on experience on the ice."

Ponies down below started cheering, castle were already anticipating the come of winter and were working difficult to make certain it would come as quickly as possible. Yet none the their power seemed to inspire Tank, he simply yawned and also another snot bubble formed on his nostrils, despite this time it wasn"t as large and the didn"t shiver.

"This isn"t good, I"d much better have Tank looked in ~ by somepony." Rainbow Dash thought, involved that Tank could be obtaining sick somehow.

Just then, Twilight flew by. "Hey Rainbow Dash, everything"s looking great from increase here, wouldn"t girlfriend agree?" She asked she friend. "It"s always lovely as soon as things space running smoothly and on time because that a change."

"I guess, yet does Tank look okay to you?" Rainbow Dash request Twilight suddenly. "He"s to be yawning a many lately, and also now there"s stuff choose these bubbles and shivers."

Twilight looked at Tank, and she could see the tortoise wasn"t feather as good as he usual was. Yet at the exact same time she couldn"t really tell much. She turned to Rainbow Dash and also told her. "I can"t yes, really say for certain if there"s something walking on, his behavior is troubling but I don"t know much around tortoises and without a book or guide I can"t make any qualified statements."

"That"s.... Not really helpful." Rainbow complained.

Twilight sighed as she looked at her friend. "Look, Fluttershy is the animal expert. Why don"t girlfriend ask her? If over there is miscellaneous wrong with Tank, she need to know just how to deal with it." She climate flew off.

Rainbow Dash sighed in defeat. "Guess Twilight has a point," She stated to Tank. "Let"s just hope doctor Fluttershy has everything you must start feeling one hundreds percent again."


Rainbow wasted no time in pass Tank to Fluttershy"s cottage, and also although Fluttershy to be a little surprised to check out her girlfriend on such short notice, she was much more than willing to help.

Fluttershy set Tank on a sofa cushion ~ above the floor of she cottage, and pressed a stethoscope up to his chest. She listened closely to his love beat, if Rainbow Dash anxiously stood, waiting for news.

At last, Fluttershy eliminated her stethoscope and looked in ~ Rainbow Dash. "Well, I"ve got great news, and also bad news." She reluctantly confessed, make the efforts to placed on the bravest laugh she can possibly muster up.

"Okay, for this reason what"s the good news?" Rainbow Dash asked, she to be pretty sure she didn"t want to hear the negative news.

"Tank"s not sick, at least not serious or anything," Fluttershy told Rainbow Dash, her smile farming slightly broader as she hoofed a capsule to her friend. "Just provide him a few pills indigenous in here and also he should acquire better, to some extent."

"What execute you mean "to part extent"?" Rainbow Dash asked, which motivated Fluttershy to gulp. "Don"t phone call me, that"s the bad news isn"t it?" She nervously questioned.

"Unfortunately, yes." Fluttershy confessed, her smile fading.

"I dislike it as soon as I"m right." Rainbow thought, together she reluctantly request Fluttershy. "So, what is it?"

With an additional gulp, Fluttershy looked at Tank, then back at Rainbow Dash together she declared. "This cold weather isn"t good for him, Tank is gaining ready to hibernate."

The very mentioning of the word motivated a look at of confusion from Rainbow Dash. "Wait, what are you talking about? Tank"s no a bear or part woodland critter. Tortoises don"t hibernate!"

Fluttershy shook her head. "Oh castle do, I"m afraid. That"s precisely what Tank did last winter, and it"s what he"ll carry out this winter as well. He needs to hibernate. It"s healthy for him, similar to sleeping is healthy for us."

But Rainbow Dash wouldn"t listen, she to be firmly persuaded hibernation expected something else, something far worse! "I"m not an idiot, I understand tortoises don"t hibernate in the winter!" She assumed to herself, snatching up Tank and also leaving Fluttershy"s cottage. "Fluttershy"s simply trying come tell me the to cover up because that something! She must recognize Tank"s worse than he looks, she must understand he"s going come die!" then she boldly promised herself. "Well, I"ve acquired news because that her! Nothing"s acquisition Tank far from me, no way, no how! Somehow, someway, I"ll find a way to store him warm and alive!"

"Come on, Tank!" Rainbow Dash said, as soon as she was details she had left Fluttershy"s cottage. "Nopony knows you favor I do. All you need is some difficult work to obtain the old blood pumping, and that"ll heat you up actual good," but then she i found it the medicine she"d been provided by Fluttershy. "But ns guess we have to go home and also make you take it your medication first, and maybe let you dry by the fireplace because that a while."

Rainbow Dash go home and also gave Tank part time to rest after taking the medicine Fluttershy had prescribed for him. Yet although Tank did indeed warmth up, Rainbow knew she necessary some means to save Tank from shedding all the warmth the moment they collection hoof and also foot exterior in the cold. Mental what she parents had constantly encouraged her to execute as a filly prior to going the end to beat in the snow, the strong Pegasus mare put a hat on Tank"s forehead, and also hastily bound the ceiling she"d let him remainder on approximately his shell. Come cover increase his little toes, she placed a few small pot holders ~ above them.

"There we go," Rainbow smiled, as she observed just how cute Tank looked. "Normally I"d be a little embarrassed come let anypony view me dress you up choose this, however as long as you"re heat I"ll put up with the...." She struggled not to gag together she added. ""Compliments" to the best of mine ability. Now come on, we"ve obtained work come do!"

Soon, Rainbow was difficult at job-related pushing some clouds right into place come prepare for the very first snowfalls. "These points sure space heavy!" She huffed, do the efforts to press the clouds right into their ideal position. "Boy, I"ll gambling they"re just complete of white snowflakes! all the far better for our winter fun! We"re gonna have such a killer time in the snow, right, Tank?" There to be no reply, therefore Rainbow looked around. "Tank? Tank!" She cried out, before she lastly noticed Tank digging roughly in the dirt.

As luck would have actually it, Pinkie Pie was nearby and she occurred to an alert what Tank to be doing. She discovered it irresistably cute. "Aww, look in ~ the cute wittle Tankie, all snuggly-wuggly, obtaining ready to hibern—" She began, but was cut off together Rainbow Dash swooped down and put a hoof in she mouth!

"Don"t you dare say that word!" Rainbow Dash demanded. "I don"t require you thinking I"m an idiot too, I know what"s yes, really happening!"

"What room you talk about? ns don"t also know what you"re gaining so uncomfortable about," Pinkie innocently replied. "All I said was cute wittle Tankie, every snuggly-wuggly, gaining ready to hibern-"

Rainbow glared in ~ Pinkie quite harshly. "Come on, prevent pretending it"s miscellaneous else. If you yes, really think the hiber... – girlfriend know, the "thing" – is for this reason cute, why don"t you go do it?! Somewhere far away from here?!" She said, a little too loudly, as every one of her girlfriend overheard. "What room you all looking at?!" She demanded. "Pinkie Pie and I space just having a conversation, that"s all!" but she refuse to reduced her voice or adjust her expression.

Twilight reluctantly trotted forward and also said come Rainbow Dash. "Look, Rainbow Dash, us all know just how upset girlfriend are about what"s happening come Tank. We understand it upsets friend that"s going to it is in hiber-"

"I assumed I said you no to say that word?!" Rainbow demanded. "Can you stop pretending and just tell it to me straight?! I understand what death is, and I have the right to tell you the Tank is most certainly NOT dying! not on mine watch!"

Twilight shook her head. "We didn"t cite anything about death, no one"s implying that"s the case. You don"t understand, hibernation is a herbal thing for tortoises."

"No the isn"t and also you understand it!" Rainbow complained. "All of you space trying to do me feel better by pretending Tank"s just going to dig a small hole in the ground and go come sleep because that the next few months. However you all understand he"s no doing that, that if he drops asleep choose that he"ll never wake up again. And also I already said I"m no letting the happen! for this reason either aid me, or continue to be out of mine way!"

"Now Rainbow Dash, there"s hardly any kind of need to take your anger out on your friends," Rarity claimed with a glare. "If Fluttershy states tortoises hibernate i think I"m very much lean to think her. You yes, really can"t argue with experience."

"So what if the expert"s wrong, just this once?" Rainbow asked. "You think i haven"t to be wrong prior to even though I could be an professional on things choose weather? and also whoever claimed anything around anger, huh?! ns didn"t speak anything around anger! I"m no upset! and I am not angry! execute I look at angry?!" She protested, her face contorting right into a glare that could give also Fluttershy"s stare a run for that money. Without also waiting for a reply, she turned come Tank and scooped the up. "Come on, Tank! Let"s get out the here! We"re done because that the day!" She climate flew off fairly rudely.

"Well, that certain went well," Applejack grumbled through a frown. "I swear, Rainbow"s a great pony and also all however sometimes tryin" to factor with she is choose talkin" come a brick wall."

Fluttershy simply sighed and hung she head. "It"s all my fault, ns should"ve called her about hibernation once Tank did it last winter. I simply hope she"ll realize her mistake before she go something she"ll regret."

Rainbow take it Tank home and warmed him increase again, yet it seemed to have little effect on him. This frustrated she to no end, particularly as she watched a Pegasus named Sunshower argue v two other Pegasi called Open Skies and Clear Skies about where to relocate the clouds. "They do this every year," Rainbow thought with a giggle. "You"d think by currently they"d have learned," She then sighed. "They"re probably expecting me come go out and assist sort out the chaos they"ve caused. Well, right now I"ve got much more important things to worry about."

Rainbow Dash rotate her fist to Tank, who still looked a little tired. "Come on, I require you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, no sleepy-eyed and also scaly-tailed!" She grumbled. "I"m doing whatever I have the right to to keep you warm, okay? The least you might do is make my task a tiny easier."

Tank yawned, together he tucked his head into his covering to shot and continue to be warm.

Frustrated with her absence of progress, Rainbow Dash groaned. "Tank, please! friend can"t hiber– girlfriend know," She complained, quickly recording herself. "Great, now they"ve gained me doing it! I"m no gonna let friend die, no way, no how! Think about how all the primo cool points we"re gonna perform together this winter. They"ll be a many fun, i promise you! We"re gonna be structure snow ponies, beginning snowball fights, sipping hot cider by the fire. I might go on."

But Tank snorted to snore, which just made Rainbow Dash even much more frustrated and also concerned. "Come on, Tank. Don"t girlfriend wanna perform those things with me?!" She pleaded, however her words seemed to have actually no impact on she pet. She began to pace earlier and soon in her cloud house, trying to think that a plan. "Think, Rainbow Dash, think!"

Rainbow easily realized what appeared to it is in the problem, and why her initiatives to warmth Tank up weren"t working. "Tank"s just doing this since it"s getting cold out, right?" She believed outloud, looking towards the tortoise. "Well, I"d lot rather have actually him awake in the warm than asleep in the cold... " and also that was when she acquired an idea, a wonderful yet truly horrible idea however still an idea all the same! She started rubbing her hooves together as she realized what essential to be done. "I"ll just have to stop winter! That should be simple enough."

Looking the end at the trio of arguing Pegasi, Rainbow Dash dubbed out come them. "You three are needed elsewhere, I"ll take it it native here and also get whatever over come Fluffy Clouds."

"Okay, deserve to do," Sunshower replied, and also barked in ~ Open and also Clear Skies. "Come on friend two, i think the ground crew needs help with the leaves."

Once the trio that Pegasi had left, Rainbow Dash looked all around to be certain that nobody was watching. She then quickly and also effortlessly busted all the clouds v her kicks. She laughed and chuckled, together she flew ago to her cloud house. "Stopping winter is gonna be a breeze!" yet in the back of she mind she couldn"t help but feeling a small guilty. "Pegasi commonly aren"t an alleged to tamper v the weather," She recalled. "But they walk tell me exceptions have the right to be granted in situations where lives are in ~ stake. And if Tank"s life is in danger because of the cold weather, I"d speak that"s simply the exception I need."

Tank yawned a little, together Rainbow Dash came ago inside. "Rest easy, Tank," She told him. "Because nice soon, winter will be gone!"

Unfortunately, regardless of her finest sabotage efforts, Rainbow Dash soon uncovered that she wasn"t making any progress in delaying winter, let alone protecting against it native coming. In fact, it seemed favor her initiatives were only accelerating winter"s arrival, and also the thought of what the would bring only further frustrated her!

Sunshower, now ago in fee of the cloud team, was directing the next distribution of snow clouds. And also after Rainbow Dash"s tiny cloud busting stint and also other sabotage efforts, the Pegasi were taking no chances. Whole group watched over the clouds. "Here comes the following shipment! relocate those clouds over!" Sunshower ordered. "Come on, let"s relocate it! One means or one more winter is coming."

Rainbow watched native a distance, snarling at her seeming inability to protect against the arrival of winter. "Ugh, I simply don"t recognize it!" She complained come Tank. "Somehow, for every hoof step back, castle go three hoof actions forward! nothing I try is working! What space we gonna do, Tank? assist me the end here, buddy."

Tank simply yawned again, indicating that he would be that no aid to his master. All he knew was the it was acquiring colder, and that intended he wouldn"t have much time left to invest with her.

At last, just when she was ready to give up and also admit defeat, Rainbow looked up and also saw the very source of her troubles! ideal then and there, she knew what she had to do! "Cloudsdale, that course!" She realized! "That"s it, Tank! If i can"t prevent winter below in Ponyville, then probably I have the right to stop it at the source!"

The next day, Rainbow very closely snuck right into the weather factory, taking an excellent care to remain out that sight. In ~ one point, she was required to duck into a adjacent locker, together the whistle go out to signal lunch break because that the manufacturing facility workers. Rainbow hid in the locker, and waited until all the workers had passed.

Rainbow exited the locker, through her and Tank currently in main weather manufacturing facility uniforms. Tank to be on a leash, yet despite the journey he to be barely awake, and also yawning fairly a bit. "Looks prefer we acquired here simply in time! Come on, Tank! us don"t have much time!"

Working her way through the factory, Rainbow crept past room after room responsible for assorted weather events, till at last she stumbled across the room she"d been browsing for. Snowflakes to be being moved along a conveyor belt attached to a machine, another maker was liven cranking out clouds full of snow, and in the center of the room was a large water tank filled come the really top.

"Alright, we"re in, Tank!" Rainbow Dash happy exclaimed, tying Tank"s leash firmly around the door therefore he wouldn"t fly off and also get hurt. "Now we just gotta figure out a way to shut the down." In her mind, however, the strong Pegasus was starting to feel fairly guilty. "This goes versus everything I ever before learned in school," She assumed to herself. "Messing through the weather there is no permission is constantly a large no no. Guess: v that way I"ll need to shut it under quickly and also get out of here before anypony has actually a chance to watch me."

Looking all approximately the factory, the rainbow maned Pegasus mare check the different machines and also all your nuts and also bolts. She occasionally peeked a glance at the door to make certain Tank was still there. If he got loose, Rainbow didn"t even want come think around what might happen to him. The weather factory could be quite dangerous, i beg your pardon is why no pets to be to be enabled on the factory grounds.

Rainbow frowned, together she turned her attention back to the machines. "Just sabotaging one of these won"t be enough, they"ll easily be able to repair the damage. And also there"s no means I deserve to keep sneaking back in here and doing it over and over again, they"ll catch me for sure," It to be then the her eyes fell upon the substantial water tank, i beg your pardon was hosted in ar by a series of well bolted tubes. "Slam dunk!" She exclaimed, as she realized what had to be done. "With no water, they can"t make clouds or snow! lock can"t do winter!" She flew end to the very first tube, and began come tug on it in the hopes of loosening the bolts. "I hate to carry out this come those weather ponies, but desperate times contact for no hope measures!" She said to herself, as she began to strain quite heavily.

But then, every one of a sudden, the manufacturing facility lights flickered on, and also a spotlight shined under on Rainbow Dash! The Pegasus froze, and also looked up! she eyes dropped upon the angry and also confused look at of Fluffy Clouds, the manager the the weather factory.

"Rainbow Dash? What in Equestria room you act here?" Fluffy Clouds demanded. "And why go you carry your pet v you? and don"t get me began on why you"re trying come sabotage the water supply here."

"Uh.... I....I.....I...." Rainbow stuttered, she wanted to say much more but because that some factor she suddenly found herself tongue tied and also unable come speak.

Fluffy Clouds just sighed. "Look, I"m no going come pretend I understand why you would do something choose this. What you"re attempting to do might have serious aftermath for every one of Ponyville, no to mention Cloudsdale," that paused, climate added. "However, since you haven"t actually done noþeles yet, and all her sabotage initiatives from earlier have actually sped up the procedure for winter"s arrival, i can"t really punish you v anything besides trespassing on factory grounds and violating the factory"s "No Pets" rule. So, if you leave now, i might take into consideration letting you off v a warning and also a slim fee. I imply you take it, or I"ll have actually you arrested."

Realizing she really didn"t have any kind of other options, Rainbow reluctantly flew away from the water tank and picked increase Tank. "Come on, Tank. Let"s walk home," She unhappily claimed to herself. "At the very least maybe we have the right to spend your last few days together."

After the incident at the weather factory, no one saw Rainbow Dash for number of days. She stayed holed increase in her cloud residence as the weather thrived colder and snowier. Any attempts come reach the end to her were only replied v a simple, "I"m fine, now go away." complied with by a door slam.

Rainbow"s friends were starting to thrive worried, castle knew Tank had actually yet come hibernate yet that didn"t do things any type of easier because that them. In ~ last, they decided that they would have no selection but to pressure Rainbow Dash to expropriate the reality, and say goodbye come Tank.

To the surprised of everypony, it to be Fluttershy that volunteered. "She"ll never acquire past this till she lets it every out," She told castle all, prior to flying turn off to watch Rainbow Dash. Under she breath she added. "This is partly my fault because that not telling her the truth about Tank"s whereabouts critical winter."

It didn"t take Fluttershy lengthy to uncover Rainbow"s house, and also when she knocked ~ above the door she was surprised to find it open. "Dashie couldn"t possibly have been expecting me, can she?" Fluttershy thought, together she make her way inside. She closely fluttered her means up to her friend"s bedroom, and also what she saw virtually melted she heart.

Rainbow Dash had actually curled up on she bed, attract a dark violet robe v white top top the collar and also leg areas, and a pair of turtle themed slippers. Tank was clutched firmly in she hooves, a skies blue blanket spanned his shell, no doubt an effort to keep him warm.

Fluttershy cleared her throat, announcing her presence.

Rainbow gradually turned to challenge her guest. "I recognize why you"re here, you"ve come right here to call me to acquire over the reality that Tank"s gonna die," She stated in an unhappy tone. "But i don"t treatment what you have to say, I"m still not letting that happen, not also if you need to drag me away kicking and screaming."

Fluttershy sighed, she hadn"t meant it to it is in this difficult. "Rainbow Dash, her winter is walking to it is in pet-less." She firmly declared.

Rainbow Dash was quiet for a moment, prior to she started to sob. "I don"t want him come go!" She wailed.

Maintaining her major expression, Fluttershy looked her girlfriend firmly in the eyes as she explained. "But it"s not going to be forever, Tank isn"t dying. Tortoises really execute hibernate, it"s important for them come survive. In fact, part of the factor why Tank acquired so sick critical winter, is since he didn"t hibernate as soon as he was an alleged to. So Blossomforth had actually to spend time gaining him back up come health before he might finally hibernate till spring," She paused, climate added. "Trying to avoid winter is reckless and also irresponsible, regardless of what your intentions are. And also if girlfriend don"t let Tank hibernate, climate he really will certainly die. Is that what friend want?"

Rainbow Dash ongoing to sob, more because she ultimately realized exactly how selfish and short sited she had actually been. She hadn"t imagined she actions would"ve been respond to productive.

Fluttershy hopped increase on the bed and also scooted next to Rainbow Dash, laugh a bit. "Feeling better?" She asked. "If not, I"m here for you. Occasionally it helps to have a shoulder to cry on."

Rainbow"s sobs slowly decreased, until ultimately she can only sniffle. "Thank you, Fluttershy. I required to listen that, and I required your advice. I feel choose such an idiot now," She said, her voice strained a little from the crying. "I don"t recognize what I"d carry out without a friend favor you."

"It"s alright, that"s what friends are for," Fluttershy smiled in reply. "You"ve constantly been there for me, so ns figured it was my turn to return the favor. You all set to say goodbye to Tank now?"

Rainbow reluctantly nodded, as she gained down native the bed and looked at her tortoise. Fighting earlier the tears, she bent under to Tank"s level and said softly. "Oh, Tank... I"m certain gonna miss out on you," to Fluttershy she climate asked. "You"re sure this hibernation thing is just until winter is over?"

Fluttershy nodded. "It"s for the best anyway, the wouldn"t have actually really enjoyed all those high rate winter sports."

The really next day, as snow covered the ground and the lakes and rivers to be frozen solid, everypony gathered on a adjacent hillside to assist Rainbow Dash say goodbye to Tank. Each of them had dressed in winter weather attire, Applejack had actually simply placed on a blueish-green winter jacket, Fluttershy had actually a 2 toned purple sweater and a collection of blue ear muffs in the form of flowers, Rarity wore her red sewing glasses, a white furry hat and also matching white jacket with three purple diamonds stitched top top the front, and a set of fashionable grey boots, Pinkie Pie had actually a multi-striped puffball hat, a blue layered jacket, and also blue boots through white spots, and Twilight had a yellow scarf and matching boots, and also a collection of ear muffs.

Rainbow Dash come trotting up to the group, pull on in a purple puffball hat, a matching set of violet boots through rainbow fancy spots on the heels, and a red scarf with clues of orange and yellow on it. Tank was tucked into her saddle bag.

"You males ready to say goodbye to Tank?" Rainbow Dash asked. "He"s lastly ready come hibernate."

Pinkie Pie smiled. "Ooh, you"re making use of the word!" She happily exclaimed! "Just wait, when Tank finishes hibernating, I"m gonna throw him the best welcome house party ever! Or wait. Need to it be a "welcome over ground" party? Or possibly a "happy wake-up" party? probably an "it"s about time!" party would be much more appropriate?!"

"And I"ll architecture him a really special suit simply for the occasion," Rarity offered. "Whichever one it end up being."

"I"m happy you"re feelin" better, sugarcube," Applejack said, patting Rainbow Dash top top the back. "Glad to have with ya with us again."

"Feeling"s mutual," Rainbow Dash replied, together she collection Tank under on the ground and watched him begin to dig into the snow. "So, you yes, really wanna execute this hibernating thing, huh?" She inquiry him, as he started to destruction a tiny hole to curl up in. She already knew the answer.

"Goodbye, Tank." Rarity called.

"Happy winter." Fluttershy encouraged.

"See ya later, tiny feller." Applejack chimed in.

"Have a good sleep, Tank!" Pinkie beamed.

"Goodbye, Tank! We"ll miss out on you so much!" Twilight added, prior to Tank totally dug his means in and also was extended up by the snow. ~ a moment of silence, Twilight approached Rainbow and asked. "Well? You all set for some winter fun?"

"Uh, I"m gonna hang here and also read to him because that a bit," Rainbow sheepishly replied, sit down alongside the snowbank and pulling the end a Daring execute book. "That small guy can never gain to sleep without a bedtime story."

"You sure you"ll it is in okay?" Twilight asked.

Rainbow nodded. "I"ll be follow me shortly, i promise. Walk ahead and enjoy the season."

"Alright, simply don"t wait as well long. And remember, we"re all right here for you if you should talk come us." Twilight offered, and also went come go join her friends.

Author"s Note:

Now it"s on come the very first of the Season 5 rewrites, and also the very first one to come out after the main announcement the Season 7 will air this April.

This illustration is hotly contested and also quite controversial amongst fans, largely because there is some conflict over what it to be trying come do and what it to be really supposed to it is in about. There"s quiet no official word regarding whether or not this illustration was claimed to be around death but used pet hibernation as a an allegory for the (ending with Rainbow Dash "burying" she pet).

Personally, ns think that the show wouldn"t do something so insulting to the target audience"s intelligence, also considering the ethical guardians are somehow hung up on children not being exposed to death even once Disney does the all the time in their works. This illustration was supposed to be around loss and also the 5 stages the grief, yet not have to a an allegory for death.

The difficulty is, since it made decision to use pet hibernation, we already know Rainbow Dash"s actions will be pointless and the entire plot is difficult to take it seriously. Plus, Rainbow Dash usually commits eco terrorism under the mentality the "What I"m act is wrong, I recognize it"s wrong, but I"m doing it/gonna do it anyway" which is generally not a very an excellent mentality for a protagonist we"re an alleged to be rooting because that to have. There"s likewise the fact that this illustration tries to it is in emotional, but the dispute ends up bring about the whole thing to it is in played for laughs and also comedy simply isn"t Cindy Morrow"s strong suit.

So when rewriting this episode, while ns still kept hibernation in as the end result, I changed Rainbow Dash"s habits to man on her component and mistaking it for death. I additionally cut many of the humor and also even some of the emotionally stuff in the climax, as while I"m certain it to be trying to be serious and heartfelt, the crying felt means over the optimal to it is in believable. Plus, Rarity and Pinkie Pie"s factors for crying were selfish (Rarity"s only crying due to the fact that Fluttershy"s crying and Pinkie is only crying since Twilight isn"t). Not to cite the because proven false statement that Applejack cries top top the within (which was most likely done simply so Applejack wouldn"t look at insensitive to she friend"s plight).

I did still keep "I"ll Fly" though, as I think we can all agree that was the ideal thing about the episode, an excellent or bad.

See more: Maku_(L-U) - Maku (L U) Art

The following rewrite will certainly actually an outcome in the episode being renamed, due to the fact that I can"t really contact an illustration "Made In Manehattan" if that doesn"t take place in Manehattan in ~ all. Hopefully it"ll be the end by Monday or Tuesday of following week. However then I"ve got a midterm and other creating endevors that will probably cause the final Season 5 rewrites to it is in a bit delayed.

Episodes to be rewritten:Bridle GossipFamily evaluation DayMagic DuelKeep Calm and also Flutter top top (Two Parter)Flight come the FinishTanks because that The MemoriesMade In Manehattan (Will be retitled "Fillydelphia Follies")The Cutie Re-Mark parts 1 and 2No second PrancesNewbie DashApplejack"s "Day" OffSpice Up her LifeThe Cart prior to The Ponies (Bonus Chapter)Every small Thing She Does

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