So far, Season 5 the My small Pony: Friendship is Magic, has been a combined bag. The development of theRainbow Power component for the Mane 6, let alone Twilight Sparkle’s new castle and “Cutie Map” on the outskirts of Ponyville, have actually left countless fans tho struggling to involved grips v the world an altering around them.

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Even the episodes have actually been a mixed grab-bag that have actually only appeared to carry forth a couple of strong episodes, and also one the acted as a “Thank You” map to the fandom.

Of course, buried in the mix because that this season, have been the three tiny fillies, Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and also Scootaloo.

The Cutie note Crusadershave certainly evolved end the seasons. Initially seeming like a trouble-making trio akin come Huey, Dewey, and also Louie, some key episodes helped construct them into their own characters, and also helped capture an ext fans to their pursuit to earn your Cutie point out (aka the symbol on a pony’s flank the tells what their “unique talent” is).

I will certainly admit your last figure in the episode Appleloosa’s many Wanted, didn’t do lot for me. An episode that play a small too fast-and-loose with its story and also comedy antics, ns did wonder if we’d have actually something v the girls that would certainly stand out for this season….and then, Crusaders the the lost Markhappened.


While trying to come up v a new method to earn your cutie marks, the Crusaders are requested by your classmate Pip(squeak), to help him v their school’s election for course President.

Their support helps castle topple Diamond Tiara’s me-centric reign, however in the moments adhering to her defeat, the Crusaders watch Diamond Tiara’s ‘perfect small world’ autumn into locations that seem almost impossible come comprehend..leading the 3 to think about something that seemed impossible to think of together well: helping the end Diamond Tiara!


When it pertains to Entertainment, every single thing i watch, I privately ask the it to hit me emotionally. Therefore far, I will certainly say the Crusaders is most likely the first episode this season since Amending Fences, that has had me going back to clock it, over and also over again.

Crusaders is certainly going come be among those illustration that will certainly be speak of for part time, and I’m currently hearing a lot of people calling it “The finest Episode,” either of Season 5, or “ever.” However, ns think part are just on the euphoric high from see so plenty of of their wishes granted in the episode.

I can’t help but feel that the episode was the equivalent of Oprah Winfrey walking as much as a team of fans and also saiying: “I understand what you’re every wanting. You desire Diamond Tiara to have character development. You want Silver Spoon to wake up for herself. You want the Crusaders to obtain their Cutie Marks…well, we’re offering it every to you: TODAY!!!”

This episode was written by Amy Keating Rogers, among the show’s writers, that is probably at the top of most viewer’s lists with rather a couple of of she episodes. She did compose my favorite Season 4 episode (Pinkie Pride), and also in a sense, Crusaders feels very much like that episode’s structure, v the musical push of Season 3’s finale, Magical secret Cure.

One the the biggest problems I have actually with the episode, is the it almost struggles to save too numerous balls in the air, juggling a storyline that probably would have actually worked much better over 2-3 episodes. Climate again, there is other to be said around structuring the episode into a musical, which was most likely the only way to traction it all off in the limited amount of time. Musicals can frequently get the end a most information and scenery change, in the expectancy of a couple of minutes, together we’ve checked out from previous, music-centric episodes.

I feeling that provided all the accumulation around the CMC for this episode, that some might plow under what the illustration does about the personality of Diamond Tiara…and the episode does fairly a bit with her!

Chantal Strand (DT’s voice-actress) it s okay a really vocal duty here, also showing united state she can carry a tune beyond the few bits she sang in Pinkie pride (she also gets a contemplative bridge scene prefer Pinkie had actually too)!

Though she can just be taken into consideration a typical mean kid, it was nice to watch Rogers delve into reasons why Diamond is who we’ve seen her be. It is intriguing, due to the fact that many hoped the there can be some form of salvation because that Diamond’s “best friend” silver- Spoon…but probably never believed that Diamond Tiara herself might be saved.

Most figured that because Diamond’s father Filthy wealthy was a business-pony v a good-natured attitude, her mommy probably had some influence on her, and Mrs Spoiled Rich definitely fits the bill.

Spoiled affluent only has actually two scenes, however she appears the equivalent of a snooty socialite grounding in Ponyville, feeling she is better than anyone else (even vocally doing for this reason in former of ms Cheerilee, and a number of the children at school!). Personally, ns felt this sort of “mother/smother” storyline, could have described Sunset Shimmer’s holier-than-thou attitude at the begin of My small Pony: Equestria Girls, if we ever explored her character’s backstory.

Probably among the young fan-victories in the episode, involved Silver Spoon. After being shouted down and pretty lot treated as inferior throughout Diamond’s election campaign, Silver lastly committed the ultimate backstab, by not voting for she “friend”…along with giving DT a few choice words.

But don’t let that distract from the truth that we acquired some much more development of the Crusaders themselves! The episode absolutely helps display that they have no qualms about helping out anyone, no issue who they are, or what they look like. Plus, their capability to attempt to help Diamond Tiara, ~ she’s done nothing yet put them under for therefore long, shows exactly how mature lock are.

One strange feeling I acquired watching the episode, was thinking how it reminded me the a Powerpuff Girls episode. Rogers did write for that collection as well…but then again, mine feelings may have actually just been tied to the photo of the 3 girls trying to “save the day,” allow alone Diamond recall me of the spoiled brat character named Princess Morbucks in PPG.

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Once again, composer/songwriter Daniel Ingram reflects why he is still one of the most exciting materials of the series, and Rogers works through him to write lyrics come the 6 song in the episode. The song bounce approximately the realm of showtunes, with numerous that will certainly probably get stuck in her head quick enough, and also leave numerous online come wonder i m sorry is the finest (I’m gravitating in the direction of Diamond Tiara’s an initial big solo piece!).

In the end,Crusaders of the lost Mark is absolutely one that the fifth season’s highlights, also with that is faults. I prefer to think that many who have actually watched the show during its 5-year run, and who have been keeping close tabs top top the girls’ development, could absolutely relate to huge Mac’s confront in the following scene near the end:


Final illustration Grade: B+

(Final illustration Thoughts: Amy Keating Rogers’ second-to-last composed episode for “Friendship is Magic,” gives plenty of fans so lot of what they wanted, in “Crusaders that the shed Mark.” Not only do the fans finally get character advancement for Diamond Tiara, and also a small for silver Spoon, yet the episode also succeeds in ultimately getting the Cutie note Crusaders come where countless fans have actually wanted to watch them, for a very long time! also with so numerous revelations, and also the episode being a game-changing mark in the collection for number of characters, the does feel like it’s crammed a small too full of information, to be a full “A-game” episode, and could have actually been an ext satisfying if the advancement was extended out end a couple of episodes)