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Download the sheet music for My God Fights because that Me by Charity Gayle / Micah Tyler / Kayden Slay, indigenous the album mr You are My song (Deluxe). This tune was arranged by Erik Foster in the vital of G#m, Am.

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SongIDLanguageAlbumArtistsAuthorsArrangersPublishersCCLI tune No.File TypePagesAvailable KeysMeterThemes
lord You room My track (Deluxe)
Charity Gayle, Micah Tyler, Kayden Slay
Charity Gayle, Micah Tyler, Jeff Mathena
Erik Foster
important Music Publishing, Music Services
Am, Gm
Conquering, Shield, Strength, Victory

IntroHey oo hoo hoo hoo, hey oo hoo hoo hoo, heyVerse 1I was simply a shepherd boy, without a shield without a swordFed up with the giant"s voice, screaming curses to the LordI walked under the hill alone, with a pocket complete of river stonesBut what the Philistine couldn"t see, was what I had actually was an ext than meSee, top top my very own I"m weak, yet my God fights for meVerse 2Well ns was maid to the king, interpreting his crazy dreamsI won"t prayer mortal men, for this reason they threw me in the lion"s denVicious teeth were all ns saw, till something came and also shut their jawsYou couldn"t find a scratch on me, in fact that night I dropped asleepWhen morning came it shocked them all, reason my God fights because that meVerse 3I stumbled into the room, v alabaster and also my woundsI can feel your judging eyes, together I knelt prior to the ChristI poured mine oil ~ above His feet, i didn"t treatment who experienced me weepI gave Him all I had actually that day, and also He should"ve sent out me on my wayBut instead He lifted up mine head, cause my God fights because that meBridge He"s mine shield He"s mine sword, the win is the Lord"sInterludeHey oo hoo, hey oo hooVerse 4So what"s your story right here today, what"s the huge in her wayAre girlfriend trapped and can"t obtain out, or room you staring down a lion"s mouthCan friend stand before the Lord, or perform you should hit the floorCause that don"t issue what You"ve done, cause the battle is already wonSo lift your voice through me and sing, that my God fights because that meTagSo lift her voice in victory, "cause mine God fights for me... Authorize in to watch all text

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