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The first is because that Hyun / Rayan. The 2nd is for Nathaniel.The third is because that Castiel / Priya.

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~ interpreted content, for this reason wording might be slightly different in My candy Love.

Action Points: 1070 AP (with Agatha)

Negative answers (-)Positive answers (+)Neutral answer ( / )

Nina:It’s supervisor cool! It enables you to develop a community, construct customer loyalty … so what do you say?

I don’t really know… that is a little bit excluding because that the others, isn’t it?(-)I rather like the idea…(+)


Sorry, Eric, ns absolutely have to take this speak to … You can see v Nina if …(-)(Too bad, I’ll contact him later.)(+)

Hyun: as you know, I understand the place!

No, that bothers me. You have actually your own career, and I prefer that you focus on it.( / )The warm Bear is mine, I’m walk to gain out the it, I’m sure!(-)I couldn’t dream of better help!(+)

Hyun:And climate you remain the stars that the expo! and also you, Candy, what do you say?

No, frankly, Hyun, I’m not sure I’m following you.(-)I think it’s a really an excellent idea. (+)

Agatha is in the restaurant. :)


Community manager requirements much an ext than just watching Twitter all day …(+) Hmm … ns wonder if I’m not going to rental him to change you. What execute you say, Huyn?( / )

Marina:The various other teachers are much more of the aesthetic level of … Mr. Lebarde.

At the exact same time, you don’t judge a great teacher for your physique!( / ) (I laughed.)(+)

Castiel:With pleasure. Okay, I’ll let friend work. Ns will check out this painting more closely…

It works, watch you later.( / ) and don’t forget come let everyone recognize that girlfriend come here often!(-)


I’m sure it will help you feeling better!(+)I’m sure that one of these 4 is you that I will exhibit top top this same wall!(-)

Nath:It’s not like that, in actual life, Candy. I need to be wary that everyone.

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Okay, I’ll tell girlfriend if I check out suspicious behavior. Inspector candy to report!(+)Just gain the evening, Nath, that will carry out you good.(-)

Alexy: Mojitos! and also the an initial tour is for me!

Sorry, friends … however it will be Virgin Mojito because that me. Currently I’m simply taking a break.( / )Okay … yet just one then. I have actually work.( / )

Nath:Yeah … but that does not typical that i am the right person to interference in this type of case.

You shouldn’t protect against there,Nath. You are a cop and you have the capacity to help him … This is a situation that can go come court.(-)Castiel has been there for you in difficult times. ( / )

Nath:But ns don’t know what to say to him…

Well, you may be ideal … that is better that i go alone.We do not want to leave him in this situation. Come v me. (Illustration)

Castiel:But if the team wants video… I have to think around it…

Nath… Is there anything in your cybercrime training around this? (+10 v CastielIllustration)(I nudged Nath to acquire him come say something.)


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