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Question - (24 June 2016) 15 Answers - (Newest, 4 December 2017)A femaleage 22-25,anonymouswrites:

I met my bf nearly a year and a half ago and we imediately struggle it off great. Then i weighed about 150lbs. The an initial 4 months were great and he was so caring and also attentive always surprising me through my favorite snacks or ice cream cream and taking me out to eat. It wasn"t long prior to I establish from all this the I"d placed on 20lbs. Ns told him I"d gained fat and also was going to try and shed weight. That tried to discourage me and said ns looked perfect and had nothing come worry about but ns tried anyways. In ~ a pair months I was able to drop 10lbs.

During this time he became an extremely mopey and also depressed however wouldn"t call me what was wrong. At some point I got him come tell me and he stated he has a fat fetish. He claimed he find it a large turn on once I get weight and finds bigger ladies attractive. Us talked about it a little bit an ext and ultimately I asked the if he want me to obtain weight.

He claimed yes and convinced me to gain back the 10lbs. When I reached that goal, that asked if i would get 20 more lbs. He stated it would certainly make him walk crazy because that me and I ultimately caved and also thought it couldn"t hurt every I need to do is eat. So ns agreed and after that he started gaining me come eat way past once I was complete at each meal. It gained to the point I can eat method more at every meal than before. To acquire weight I likewise started eat constantly all day.

On peak of this us would sometimes wake up at night for me to eat as much ice cream as I could. Ns was eat a rediculous quantity of food and also before girlfriend knew it i was 190lbs. I felt heavy and looked heavy however he make me feel gorgeous and sexy regardless of my load so i didn"t think much of it.

He didn"t ask me to obtain any more weight yet it turned the end he didn"t have to...I had occurred so many negative eating habits and so ~ that whatever just continued and I kept gaining. I have actually just began really realize how large I"ve gotten because honestly it"s gaining hard to walk far ranges a d ns ra do my sweet myself and was astonished to find out I"m 100lbs heavier than as soon as I met that weighing 250. Ns don"t like just how I feel once I"m wade or law anything really since of how jiggly i am so he normally offers to do everything for me and let"s me simply sit and rest or sleep or watch tv while i eat. Thus excercize is nearly impossible and also embarressing. Ns talked to him around it however he wants me come keep getting more?!?! have to I simply keep going due to the fact that if ns don"t think around it climate it doesn"t bother me and we room happy? ns hoping i can as with being fat or something.

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A femalereader, advice_giverF4T 

 +, writes (4 December 2017):

I rekon carry out it.. Simply a tiny bit longer. If friend are completely uncomfortable, tell him. Ns personally like gaining, yet only advise people to do it if they want to carry out it

With love,

Trolla Hacker

A reader, anonymous, to write (1 July 2017):

In a relationship it is around you and also if you desire to keep acquiring you can but if you don"t want to tell girlfriend don"t or tell that you like a chunky man and also get him come gain

Afemale reader, anonymous, write (26 June 2016):

Lose the weight and while you"re at it, shed the guy, too.

That"s my best advice.

A femalereader, janniepeg  +, writes (25 June 2016):

His fetish is no just gaining with a fat woman. It"s the process of fattening someone up. The an ext weight gain, the more much better for him. Fetishes are not all equal. Some room fun and also harmless, others space dangerous and also gross. The most excessive of it involves cutting someone up, or having sex through a corpse. Some people can only be aroused through the odor of feces. Love is not going to make someone reap a fetish if friend don"t feeling it.

It will certainly only occupational if you have actually a fetish in which friend feel very happy and sexy with being fat, but you don"t sound prefer it due to the fact that you need to convince yourself. Sure some people don"t stop as soon as they are over 600 pounds and also proud of it. Girlfriend don"t want to get there. It"s just normal that we don"t desire to be fat. Some pets like walruses and sea lions are normally fat come insulate us from icy water. Human beings are not supposed to it is in fat. You gain really poor body odor. Human being with weird fetishes the interfere with real lives have issues and also are pathologically selfish. It will certainly be stupid to sacrifice your health and wellness to do someone happy.

Afemale reader, anonymous, to write (25 June 2016):

This is abuse, plain and also simple. Avoid now...he"s controlling and also manipulating you. Honestly, sounds choose an pet being readied for slaughter.

Secondly, think of your health and all the damage this extra load is walking to lug to you.

This man is abusive and also will no stop, you re welcome extricate yourself from the instance ASAP.

Afemale reader, anonymous, writes (24 June 2016):

You don"t want to fall prey to an eating disorder. Disorder a cake. Disorder a pie. Disorder a pizza.

A femalereader, Andie"s Thoughts  +, writes (24 June 2016):

Stop that - stop it now!

Break up v him; I mean it!

Look, OP, I"m overweight as result of a clinical condition and also the an outcome of my whole childhood being abusive at school and home. Don"t *ever* get weight for anyone rather - it"s straightforward to gain and hard come lose, when you get to a specific point. I"ve been desperately do the efforts to lose some for *years* - it"s no something you enter willingly, specifically not because that someone else. I have been desperate because that it to have been a choice, so that I could have no done the - don"t choose to make yourself worse; you"ll live with it because that years.

Please recording the guy, see your doctor and also get back to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This isn"t about losing lots of weight; this is around being healthier.

He"s regulating you and also feeding you up, disregarding your health. That"s not a good boyfriend - he requirements to walk for someone already overweight; even then, there are civilization like the who simply keep feeding their partner until they room 300lbs - 400lbs.

They don"t care that the person is no longer healthy and they often like the the human being is just happy through themselves while they room with them; when they rest up, the truth of the weight hits them and their self-confidence plummets.

Please conserve yourself from that now, OP. Perform not stay with this guy.

A femalereader, Honeypie  + ♥, write (24 June 2016):

I"m fully with YouWish.

He may have a fat fetish, yet it"s around control. Regulate over you. Manage over your body.

Don"t destroy your wellness like this to you re welcome a guy. Shedding over 100 lbs in a couple of months? very VERY unhealthy. Gaining weight fast too? really bad because that you.

To quote YouWish..

"You will certainly now find out that friend don"t go to any kind of length to do some male happy; if he"s methodically ruining your self-esteem, ruining your health, and also hoping you"re less attractive to various other men. Yes, every one of the above!"

The larger you acquire the more difficult it will certainly be not only to leaving this guy, yet to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

All of the doesn"t do me think that LOVES you. It renders me thin he loves HIMSELF, HIS needs, HIS wants, and toe whole control factor.

What perform you think will happen when you obtain diabetes and needs either a pump attached or to inject yourself through insulin?

What happens when you can"t walk without having to protect against every 50 steps? Can"t work? Can"t sign up with others in fun stuff? all you can do is waddle or sit?

Come on, girl. Placed yourself first.

A femalereader, Tisha-1  +, to write (24 June 2016):

If you look roughly for fat fetish sites, you’ll view that men with a fat fetish are well, fairly common. That not brand-new territory in ~ all.

That being said, if you look roughly for males who placed their beloved’s health and well-being front of their penises, well, it shows up you aren’t familiar with that type of man. And they room out there, in droves.

You can not walk really far, you’re 250. No your physician notice? her mom? your dad? her family? based on this post, you’ve been consuming somewhere in the order of 1000 calorie extra every day simply to reach the “goal.”

I guess: v the real concern for friend is room you are fully committed to dying younger just so her dime-a-dozen fat fetish boyfriend--- oops, i meant, super one-of-a-kind boyfriend who cares much more about your health and wellbeing than his, wait, no, not correct boyfriend, I expected the typical fat fetish boyfriend, apologies---- can get his rocks off from time to time? Is the your an individual life goal? Is that your highest possible aspiration?

A femalereader, YouWish  +, to write (24 June 2016):

If the really had actually a point for weight and also obese women, the would have looked because that a mrs who already was heavy. This isn"t about a fetish. It"s around control. Every pound you have got is an additional link in the chain he"s putting on you.

THink about it. As soon as you met him, you were at an optimum weight, an interpretation you were preferable to a lot of men, and were healthy enough to gain life, move around, and also had lots of alternatives all across the board.

By coming to be heavy, the is isolating friend from compete that room NOT turn on by together unhealthy weight gain. He"s likewise impaired girlfriend from becoming financially independent, since while overweight women acquire jobs every the time, they are, unfortunately, discriminated versus when it pertains to jobs where picture is everything, therefore cutting you off from competition and being self-sufficient.

He wants you dependent on him. That"s why he wants you in jail on the chair and also feeling bad for acquiring healthy again.

You better hurry and get healthy prior to the destruction you"re act to you yourself becomes permanent, like stretched skin, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and also a organize of other things.

This isn"t a fetish because that fat. It"s one for control and also mutilation.

A malereader, devont  +, write (24 June 2016):

I"m no experienced on fat fetishes, however from what i understand, one of the key parts of that is enjoying the actual procedure of load gain and watching who overeat, not simply being attracted to civilization that are fat. My point is, you might put top top 300lb and also he would still want you to put on an ext - the is likely he would quite you placed on load consistently fairly than got to a particular point and stopped. Which way you will certainly be placing your health more and much more at threat to you re welcome him. This isn"t like a rubber fetish - girlfriend can"t take it the suit off once you don"t want to wear the anymore!

I newly went on a an initial aid course and the first thing they stated was, watch after girlfriend first. In a first aid paper definition it supposed that you can"t aid someone rather if you gain hurt yourself. With relationships, that is so hard to love who if girlfriend don"t love yourself. Think around you. Think about yourself external of this relationship, due to the fact that you can come out the other side with regret.

For health and wellness reasons, ns would indicate to try and lose weight, come a suggest where you feeling comfortable and healthy. Whereby you have the right to run roughly the park through your dog or walk for a swim in the sea and not feel exhausted.

What about your boyfriend in all of this? Well, you need to have a talk v him. You need to describe that you desire to lose weight and you intend him to be supportive. He might find it hard at first, however he preferred you prior to when you to be lighter, why not again? and also if that can"t expropriate it, climate you should stop and also reassess the relationship, because either method one of you will be unhappy.

All the best.

A malereader, WiseOwlE  + ♥, write (24 June 2016):

You"re merely 18, or simply under 21. Reportedly mama never told you that you don"t walk to together extremes to you re welcome some male with his head top top backwards. You"re emotion worse by the day, and also eventually this is going to adversely effect your health. It"s fortunate you"re so young.

So my dear, what"s the plan if boyfriend simply decides to up and also dump you? Leaving friend pounds heavier, with poor eating habits, and extra weight that"s tough to loose?

Sweetheart, you"ve unable to do far past foolish at this point. You"re laboring to you re welcome him. He"s right into weird sh*t, and everything come at her expense.

This is going to it is in a major learning suffer for you.

You will certainly now discover that girlfriend don"t go to any type of length to make some male happy; if he"s methodically destroying your self-esteem, damaging your health, and hoping you"re less attractive to various other men. Yes, all of the above!

I introduce you go back on a diet to lose the weight. Be your own woman. He one of two people loves girlfriend for that you are, or you discover someone who will. You"ve one of two people ignored the advice the those that truly love you, or you"re pushed to please other civilization at any cost. I"m sure family and friends have actually noticed the adjust and are came to for you. Most of all, you"re now pertained to enough to compose a team of strangers; once you currently all the answers already.

Dump the boyfriend. Usage your brain and stop enabling your love to make negative decisions because that you. He"s transforming you right into his over-blown blow-up doll; and you"re no happier because that doing it.

Find a nutritionist and also get yourself back into great eating habits, acquire a thorough medical examination to determine what damage has been done; due to the fact that you"ve mentioned just how you have the right to only to walk for short distances. Your health and wellness is at stake here; for this reason take all the advice you will certainly be given seriously.

My heart goes the end to you, mine dear. Friend are qualified of providing love at any cost. However it have to never price you her health and happiness. Always see you yourself as any type of man"s equal. Don"t location his needs and desires above your own, or press yourself come lengths that perform you damage. There space things that others have no appropriate to questioning of you, and you have to have sufficient common-sense to collection some boundaries.

A femalereader, chigirl 

 +, writes (24 June 2016):

This was, together you already know, a poor idea. It"s like asking girlfriend to begin smoking because he finds it sexy. Yet you are the one destroying your body and also your health and wellness for his sake. You should stop putting males at the facility of her life. They carry out not deserve the place. YOU need to put you yourself first, always!

Your life is about YOU. Has actually he married you? NO. Climate be assured, he deserve to one day simply walk out of the door, and he will certainly NOT be acquisition your fat v him. That fat, and also all those poor habits, will stay with YOU and also it will certainly be for you to battle with for the rest of your life.

You are still young. Adjust your life. The is no ALL around MEN. It"s about YOU and also putting you yourself first. No male is precious you sacrificing her health, body, self esteem or any kind of dream you might have. You room not happy through yourself, and also he is blocking her happiness. He"s not there loving YOU, that is there loving you gift fat and also the truth that the can manage when girlfriend eat and how lot you move. If that truly loved you, he wouldn"t have motivated you to acquire all this weight and develop such negative habits choose eating all you can and eating in the center of the night etc. Why can"t he just go out and also find a woman currently fat, and also leave you so girlfriend can find a guy who in reality loves YOU, the person, and also not just the extra kilos?

Really, you room young and also naive, and I was too once I was your age, and I also gave increase dreams and also made sacrifices because that the male I to be with, reasoning it to be normal, thinking it to be what I had to execute for "love". Turns out, this isn"t love in ~ all. This isn"t what love is like. This is something completely different, this is a fetish that his, no love. As soon as you prosper older and get more experience in what it method to have someone love you, you will know that every little thing they want is for you to it is in happy... A person who loved you would never ever ask friend to risk your health and also develop negative habits.

You have to put yourself before him!

A malereader, Sageoldguy1465  +, writes (24 June 2016):

Re-read her submittal 3 times.

After that, ask yourself if you would certainly chain-smoke cigarettes every day, if he asked you to do so....

This guy has actually a sinister method of abusing you... And you"ve fallen for it....

Please consider to do a break from him, and also never look back....

Good luck...

A malereader, BrownWolf  +, to write (24 June 2016):


People obtain weight all the time since of negative habits, medical reasons, and also mom"s come be. In fact, a nice climbed plump mommy to be is blessed sight. :)

Gaining 100 lbs to please a man??? Screw it...Gaining load to you re welcome anyone... Is foolish. Sorry.

The very fact that you are here bringing this problem to others claims one thing...You recognize to yourself it is wrong.

Doing wrong points to please various other people, to please even yourself...is foolish.

See...so countless women space fighting come stop males from abusing them...very difficult to fight because that those who deliberately abusing themselves, because that what the call love.

If you love you, then this should never happen. Love yourself before you love any kind of man.

Ask you yourself this...You understand the health difficulties that comes through being also overweight. IF...something was to occur to you, and also it reason a lengthy term health and wellness issue. Perform you really think your boyfriend is going to stick about for years and also wait for you to acquire better??? NOPE !!!

Also...note something very important... Her boyfriend said...

"He said he find it a vast turn on as soon as I obtain weight and finds bigger ladies attractive."

He finds bigger ladies attractive...Note...WOMEN!!! so you space not the only huge woman he is attracted too. So you could gain every this load to you re welcome him, and someday...oops...I found someone else. Now you room left alone v all the weight, and also for what?? A man?

Then you room single, and now you space complaining that no guy wants you, because you are to big. You yourself esteem goes down hill, girlfriend feel prefer crap, and why?? since you believed you love this men so much, you were will certainly to screw up your life for him.

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LOVE my dear melts your heart...not her brain.

Think wisely.

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