Please note that obtains the shown images of products from third parties and also that the product's manufacturer or packager may adjust the product's packaging in ~ any point in time. Therefore, suspect no duty for the accuracy of images presented.

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Please keep in mind that obtains the shown images of products from third parties and that the product's manufacturer or packager may readjust the product's packaging at any point in time. Therefore, presume no obligation for the accuracy of photos presented.
Label because that Mrs. Freshley's Donut Sticks captured by LabelINSIGHT ~ above Sep 16, 2019Tell united state if the product surname is misspelled. in its entirety Score Breakdown

The product score is based on weighted scores for nutrition, ingredient and processing concerns. Generally, nutrition counts most, ingredient pertains to next and also degree of processing least. The weight scores are included together to recognize the last score.Read an ext about scores here. scored on three factors: nutrition, ingredient concerns, and the level of processing. Read the complete scoring methodology.

Considers calories, saturation fat, infectious diseases worldwide fat, sugar, sodium, protein, fiber and also fruit, vegetable and nut content to differentiate in between healthful and also less healthful foods. For an ext information top top nutrition concerns, read our full methodology.

Contains ingredients that may contribute small amounts the unhealthy man-made trans fats: Distilled Monoglycerides, Palm Oil, soy Bean Oil, and also Mono and Diglycerides Of fatty Acids calculates the this product is 32% sugar by weight and contains 7 teaspoons of included and natural sugar per serving

Contains a high level of saturated fat

Contains 22% the the academy of Medicine\"s daily sodium (salt) recommendations based upon adequate input

Considers food additives, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and also contaminants like mercury and also BPA, i m sorry can influence human health and the environment. For much more information on ingredient concerns, read methodology.

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This product is not certified essential

Ingredient(s) likely derived from antibiotic-treated animals

Ingredient(s) acquired from animals that may have actually been treated with hormones and/or expansion promoters

This product has actually 7 ingredients through concerns:
Estimates just how much the food has actually been processed. Considers plenty of factors, chief among them, change of individual ingredients from totality foods and number of artificial ingredients. For much more information on processing concerns, read our full methodology.

Product has actually been share as having actually high handling concerns

Products through moderate and also high processing comes to generally have much more artificial ingredients, much more ingredients that have been considerably modified from totality foods, and much more ingredients overall.