One the the most alluring things about Monster Hunter is its consistent stream of minimal time event quests, and also Monster Hunter World is no different. The latest event quest, Wiggle Me This, has an amazing, ridiculous-looking reward, a special piece of Wiggler-themed headgear - but you'll must farm Wiggler Ticket items in order to get it.

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The helmet look at absolutely amazing, as you deserve to see below, covering your hunter's head with a excellent facade that a Wiggler creature. That wobbles around as friend walk and can have its color adjusted when you change your armor pigment, making it an excellent for fashion hunters. It also actually functions some yes, really rather helpful armor skills and upgrade slot for if you're trying to placed together a great support build.

On this page, we're walking to information how to complete the Wiggle Me This occasion quest, how to acquire the Wiggler Tickets girlfriend need, and then how to craft the Wiggler Head Helmet gear. Here we go...


Wiggle Me This: capturing Wiggler creatures in the direction of a Wiggler Ticket

The very first thing you should know around the Wiggle Me This quest is the it's only easily accessible for a restricted time: a week. It launches now (day of posting - march 2nd, 2018) and also is only easily accessible for one week. If you miss out on your possibility to finish the quest and also get the Wiggler ticket you need, you'll miss out on out on the armor. So action fast! Here's just how it works...

The search you require to finish to obtain Wiggler tickets to make the Wiggler Helmet is dubbed - you guessed that - Wiggle Me This. It's a six-star quest, therefore you'll have to be Hunter location Eleven or higher to access the search in the first place. 

To find the quest, simply go to the notice board, scroll down to the listing that events and also then discover Wiggle Me This. Hit the - it'll task you through heading come the Coral Highlands to catch 10 tiny creatures called Wigglers.

Wigglers aren't full-blown monsters, however rather are the type of little critter you can catch with the record net. Like many creatures that this form they're skittish, and also the'll operation away from you the minute they feeling you, digging right into the soil so the they disappear.

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In bespeak to record these worm-like creatures you'll have to be pretty rapid with the catch net - whip it out and catch lock one at a time, as the others will certainly disappear underground when they see one of their buddies get nabbed. 

It'll take it you a few attempts to get the ten you need, however keep in psychic that when you ago off and away, the formerly spooked wrigglers will resurface. Keep in mind, too, that rapid travel to camp can be abused to pressure creatures come respawn. 

Getting a Wiggler Ticket & utilizing it to craft the Wiggler Head Armor

Once you've obtained your ten wigglers, head earlier to Astera and also you'll have the ability to trade them and also the quest in. Her reward will be a Wiggler Ticket, a rare item that's used at the smithy to craft the wiggler headgear we're going to every this trouble to get.

You'll need three wiggler tickets to handmade the Wiggler Head Armor that you want, so you'll need to grind the end this search three time minimum - six if friend want 2 of this headgear for part reason. When you've obtained it, it's yours, however, and as we listed before it's a really limited-time item, similar to the Horizon Zero Dawn crossover gear and also Street Fighter crossover gear!