History will be do in the 2016 human being Series. That will come out on top and also break your decades-long curse, the Cleveland ind or the Chicago Cubs?


The 2016 human being Series, special the Cleveland indians vs. The Chicago Cubs, is the battle of teams with long-standing world-championship droughts.

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A combined 176 year without a World collection championship. The two teams with the longest location droughts. The Cleveland indians haven’t winner the fall Classic due to the fact that 1948; the Chicago Cubs can not use won because 1908, and also haven’t even won a National league Pennant because 1945.

Whatever happens in the 2016 human being Series, background will be made.

Whether friend blame The Curse that the Billy Goat or the Curse of cook Wahoo, Steve Bartman or Rocky Colavito, this year matchup will certainly probably draw some the the highest possible World series TV ratings ever.

The typical asking price the a World series ticket for the an initial two games in Cleveland is already nearly $4,000. The price to view the ind play the Cubs at Wrigley ar in Chicago will cost close to $7,200 a seat.

But thousands room willing to pay the price to see their cursed teams duke it out beginning October 25th at 8:00 p.m. ET in ~ Cleveland’s steady Field.

The Indians’ will because of this be on home turf once the confront the Cubs for video game 1 ~ above Tuesday night. After a solid performance in the consistent season (94-67) and an exceptional performance in the postseason, Cleveland i will not ~ necessarily require this advantage— however it can not hurt.

After sweeping the Red Sox 4-0 in the American League division Series (ALDS), the tribe crushed the Toronto Blue Jays 4-1 in the Championship series (ALCS) and also have had because last Wednesday to arrangement their World series strategy.

The Cubs on the other hand, will certainly be coming off of only a few days rest and victory-induced delirium when they confront the indians on Tuesday.

Yet in spite of the disadvantages of a brief rest time and beginning the collection with away games, the Cubs are the clean favorites to win the world Series.

The Cubs have had a strong showing transparent the season and especially in the National league Championship collection (NLCS). Win the series 4-2, the Cubs showed solid performances from their bullpen and beyond.

Coming the end of Chicago’s 5-0 win against the Los Angeles Dodgers in game 6 that the series, second baseman havier Baez and also left-handed starting pitcher Jon Lester were awarded the NLCS MVP prize and all the Cubs— including manager Joe Maddon—were enjoying the finish of a really long championship drought.

“We kinda had a plan from the beginning,” Maddon said NBC affiliates in Chicago on Saturday night post-game. “We functioned the setup the entire year, and also then us played our finest game tonight.”

Despite breathless excitement around winning the NLCS, part fans are worried around how the Cubs win and potential for ongoing success will threaten their cult complying with as “lovable losers.”

Not Maddon. In his mind, in ~ least, the perception of the Cubs has readjusted for the better.

“The thing I’ve always heard around the Cubs gift lovable losers, I never quite taken that. That’s not the means I to be raised,” Maddon said after Saturday’s game. “Getting here and not paying attention to the superficial nonsense, the superstition the really has actually dragged a most people’s minds under ... To escape that is great, to continue to move it forward. The perception has changed.”

Whether the Cubs finally beat the Curse or continue to be lovable losers remains to it is in seen. You can capture all the activity live streaming, beginning with game 1 that the 2016 World series on Tuesday, October 25th in ~ 8:00 p.m. ET.

How to watch the 2016 civilization Series:

The World collection begins Tuesday, October 25th, in ~ 8:00 p.m. ET in Cleveland.

In order to clock the games online, fans deserve to use the Fox sports GO website (or application for mobile viewing), but accessibility requires a valid login through a cable provider. Games are also accessible for streaming top top TBS Sports and also you can find even an ext ways to clock without a cable login from cut Cable Today.

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You can also find the complete postseason schedule, together with the recent baseball news in ~ MLB.com.