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Downs, Andrew, Associate Professor


Andrew Downs (Indiana Politics; public Policy) obtained his Ph.D. Native the college of Notre Dame in 2004.

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Craig Ortsey (Comparative Politics, public Policy, europe Union) obtained his Ph.D. Indigenous Indiana university in 2010.

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James G. Toole (Comparative Politics, international Relations, east Europe) received his Ph.D. Native Brandeis college in 2000. Office: LA 219 Office Hours: email for appointment.Phone: 260-481-6687

Georgia Wralstad Ulmschneider (Civil Liberties; an initial Amendment; constitutional Law) received her J.D. Native the Washington University institution of regulation in 1978.

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Michael R. Wolf (American Politics; Congress; poll Behavior, compare Electoral Behavior) got his Ph.D. Native Indiana college in 2002.

Mike Downs facility for Indiana Politics

Downs, Andrew, associate Professor and also Director (Ph.D., Notre Dame, 2004)Mike Downs center

Part-Time Faculty

Hake Tarango,LanahLimited ax LecturerOwner that LanahLink Social influence Solutions

Education:Masters of international Relations, Victoria college of Wellington (2010); welcomed to PhD routine in peace Studies (deferred)Courses:Intro to tranquility & conflict Studies - PACS 200 OnlineIntro come Corporate Social obligation - POL 20001 Online

Background: Lanah is from ft Wayne and an knowledgeable strategic influence consultant with two decades working on a selection of social impact projects in new Zealand and the United claims for government, private and nonprofit sectors. She is likewise a people traveler with 25 countries that influences her wide worldview in her teaching through a mix of scholastic and real-world application. In 2012, Lanah preserve the first online offering of Intro to tranquility & dispute Studies and also a brand-new Intro to Corporate Social responsibility course is obtainable in feather 2021.

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Stier, Brian

Brian Stier (Family Law) got his J.D. From western Michigan University"s thomas M. Cooley regulation School in 1984.