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The background of the NBA is the background ofSlam Dunkers.

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Dominique Wilkins, Vince Carter, LeBron James, Aaron Gordon, and Zach LaVine are just a couple of of the greats in the league’s long history.

However, no NBA player has ever before dunked with the same finesse together the greatest basketball player of every time — Michael Jordan in his prime.

No, this is no a list about “Wizards Jordan”.

In his prime, the Chicago Bulls legend was going come dunk ~ above you, no issue what. The didn’t matter if friend met that in the NBA Finals, the playoffs, the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, the All-Star Game, or also at the free-throw line.

Michael Jordan to be going to dunk ~ above you. No. Matter. What.

The NBA’s greatest player was likewise one of its best dunkers.

What follows are the 23 (get it?)Best Michael JordanDunksCaught on Camera.

To the embarrassment the the numerous NBA players he thumbtacked to closet doors, we’ll begin at 23 and also work our method down to the No. 1 Michael Jordan Dunk of every Time.

23. The “Let My people Go”

Opponent: Milwaukee Bucks

Victim(s): Moses Malone

Year: 1992

Moses Malone obtained parted prefer the Red Sea because that this dunk. Science can’t describe how Jordan bypassed Malone’s block, however it happened. Malone, a three-time MVP, would never ever be the same.

22. The Lumberjack


Opponent: Atlanta Hawks

Victim(s): Tree Rollins

Year: 1986

With the swing of his mighty ax, MJ sent Tree Rollins rolling like a Douglas fir. Do you check out how big of a man Rollins is? he is a special trunk to chop down. But Lumber Jordan chops him through ease.

21. The Heat

Opponent: Miami Heat

Victim(s): Rony Seikaly

Year: 1992

The GOAT threw this fire down against the Heat and Ron Seikaly. Never heard of the huge man? That’s because he’s just one more faceless victim the Jordan’s career-ending dunks.

20. The big GOAT

Opponent: Milwaukee Bucks

Victim(s): glen “Big Dog” Robinson

Year: 1997

If glenn Robinson is without doubt a big Dog, climate it’s safe to say he to be neutered in 1997. Once it pertains to slam dunks, GOATs always outperform dogs. This slam is even much more impressive in slow-moving motion.

19. The 2-For-1 Special

Opponent: golden State Warriors

Victim(s): Ben McDonald, Joe Barry Carroll

Year: 1987

Not content through shaming just one NBA huge man at a time, Jordan slams it down over two gold State large men — Ben McDonald and also Joe Barry Carroll. Jordan possessed an athleticism in the 1980s that would certainly make LeBron LeBlush.

18. The Leaning Windmill

Opponent: Slam Dunk Contest

Victim(s): various other Dunk dispute Contestants

Year: 1987

Michael Jordan have the right to jump really, really high. He can jump therefore high, in fact, that he has time to execute things that have nothing to carry out with jumping while quiet in the air. Things prefer impersonate a windblown windmill.

Bravo, Mike. Bravo.

The Leaning Windmill earned Mike a score that 50 throughout NBAAll-Star weekend.

17. The Mutombo Mumbo Jumbo

Opponent: Atlanta Hawks

Victim(s): Dikembe Mutombo

Year: 1997

“No, no, no!”MVP MJ offered Hall of fame Mutombo a taste that his own medication in 1997. Mutombo responded to the mock finger wag v a finger that his own.

16. The Minute (my-NOOT) Bol

Opponent: Philadelphia 76ers

Victim(s): Manute Bol

Year: 1992

What carry out you do when you can’t go over 7-foot-7 Manute Bol? walk under and around him. This turning back baseline slam do Bol Bol’s so late father look silly.

15. The stealing & Slam

Opponent: Philadelphia 76ers

Victim(s): David Wingate

Year: 1987

First, he steals it, climate he hustles, then he slams it, climate he renders it a three-point play. MJ opened up the floodgates top top Wingate, that came the end of the work looking worse than Watergate.

14. The in salt Kisser

Opponent: Los Angeles Clippers

Victim(s): all of LA, also the Lakers

Year: 1987

A very comparable dunk come The Leaning Windmill except performed in a live game surrounded by scary 1980s NBA guys. I think that this slam whenever i think about the Clippers, just as an organization.

13. The twin Pump Mike-Latto

Opponent: Slam Dunk Contest

Victim(s): Physics

Year: 1987

This dunk is incredibly close come The complimentary Throw, yet not quite. What it lacks in horizontal distance it an ext than renders up for with flair. The double-pump is cocky, fun, and also flashy. Standard AirJordan.

12. The Patrick “Who?”-ing

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Opponent: brand-new York Knicks

Victim(s): Patrick Ewing

Year: 1991

His Airness states this jam over Ewing is the ideal of the Knicks-Bulls rivalry, not to cite his an individual favorite.

It is one emphatic slam top top a much larger Ewing, who was famously daunting to dunk on. Look at the face of Ewing’s teammate after ~ Jordan screams. His eye say it all.

11. The Felled Giant

Opponent: Milwaukee Bucks

Victim(s): Jack Sikma

Year: 1990

Have you ever heard that Jack Sikma? Me neither. Probably since MJ finished his NBA career in 1990. Because that the record, Sikma to be a 6-foot-11 NBA center (and a Hall that Famer, or whatever). That was seven feet before Air Jordan stole an inch off him through this slam.

10. The Lackadaisical Knickerbocker

Opponent: brand-new York Knicks

Victim(s): Jerrod Mustaf

Year: 1991

Ah… The Knicks. Madison Square Garden to be Air Jordan’s playground, and also he doesn’t also look favor he’s trying for this jam. The Knicks look like they’re tryingreal hard, but MJ ain’t sweating it.

9. The Tripucka Trifecta

Opponent: Charlotte Hornets

Victim(s): Kelly Tripucka

Year: 1989

Mike take it the sting the end of Kelly Tripucka through this and-one. Tripucka literally turns around and tries to walk away, but it’s as well late. His career was already over.

8. The Put-Back

Opponent: Portland Trailblazers

Victim(s):… Scottie Pippen?

Year: 1992

Okay, it’s harsh to speak to Pippen a victim here. He’s more like a beneficiary that MJ clean up a rarely miss. Or probably this was planned, that knows?

Who hasn’t make the efforts this ~ above the blacktop? It’s a basic dunk, yet glorious to check out in a expert game.

7. The Cradle 2 The Grave

Opponent: brand-new York Knicks

Victim(s): The huge Apple

Year: 1984

This is beginning to feel like a brand-new York Knicks fight piece. Climate again, most stories around Jordan in the 80s and also 90s feel favor Knicks hate mail. Imagine being a Knicks fan.

His Airness to be perfecting The Cradle since hisdays as a Tar Heel. He got it just right in 1984 versus the Knicks, one of Jordan’s favourite punching bags.

It was Mike’s an initial time rocking the cradle in the NBA, though he did the again during the1985 Slam Dunkcontest.

6. The complimentary Throw

Opponent: Slam Dunk Contest

Victim(s): Einstein’s concept of Gravity

Year: 1988

Perhaps the most iconic of Jordan’s accomplishments in the air. Ballers of every levels dream of and also attempt come re-create the complimentary throw line dunk daily. Exactly how does he carry out it? ns love how countless flashes over there are between him leaving the ground and also dunking it.

5. The Two-Handed Slam

Opponent: Utah Jazz

Victim(s): mark Eaton

Year: 1986

This dunk is incredible. Mark “Eats-a-ton” Eaton is a 7-foot-4 mammoth, yet the GOAT engineers a textbook two-hand slam on the gigantic with proper a running start. Yikes!

4. The earlier Breaker

Opponent: Juve Caserta

Victim(s): Nameless Italian Men

Year: 1985

MJ travel to Italyin 1985 v Nike to promote his air Jordan 1’s. While cultivating his boots in the boot, Jordan donned a Stefanel Trieste kit for an exhibition match against Juve Caserta. Jordan made that rain buckets and also glass ~ above the Italians.

3. The Mourning After

Opponent: Charlotte Hornets

Victim(s): Alonzo Mourning

Year: 1993

Maybe Mike bought the Hornets out of sympathy.

The whole city of Charlotte supposedly woke up through the morning-after sickness following Jordan’s double-dip baptism that Alonzo Mourning. Zo himself is quiet in Mourning end the incident. The video clip link will take you right to the second of two dunks top top Mourning.

2. The “Calm Down, Michael!”

Opponent: Cleveland Cavaliers

Victim(s): Bobby Sura

Year: 1997

Geez Louise, Mike. Did you need to do Bobby favor that? and then hang on the rim? It’s just downright mean, man…

The “Calm Down, Michael” is the ideal dunk the Michael’s NBA career.Of his NBA career, friend say…

1. The an are Jam

Opponent: The Monstars

Victim(s): The Monstars

Year: 1996

Michael Jordan saved mankind from Swackhammer, the Monstars, and room amusement park enslavement v this buzzer-beating room Jam. It’s universally related to as the most necessary dunk of all time. Screw NBA history; this jam was for human being history.

What have we learned today? Michael Jordan hates 3 things: layups, gravity, and the new York Knicks.

Few NBA players facing Jordan escaped his aerial assault. MJ in his prime to be a problem, and also his element was most of the 80s and 90s. Look in ~ the variety on this dunks! indigenous ’84-’97, Mike was doing the same damn thing.

Just prefer Kobe Bryant (RIP), Jordan’s goal was greatness. This dunks reflect MJ’s legend far more accurately than The last Danceever could.

These rankings are admittedly a issue of opinion. Sources from ESPN toSports Illustratedwill every rank slams their own way; this is just one source. It’s difficult to say for certain what his greatest dunk is, beside from room Jam (obviously).

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This is one GOAT debate that may never it is in solved.

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