After several hrs of LR/HR Teostra grinding and also gathering, I lastly got the TEO Bow!!! This thing is much far better than I originally thought! because I usage the Adept Bow(No criticism pls), using the bow is a breeze, and also since this certain bow has Sleep Coating, ns can finally put monster to sleep!

Coatings: -Power Lv.2 -Elemental Lv.2 -C. Selection -Sleep

I would have actually gone through the Hero Bow(all elemental Coatings + 210 raw), but due to the fact that this bow is practically the finest bow in the whole game, I had to go v this one.

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Go on, fight me in the head through your overwhelming criticism...

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Jask | Gone
There is no reason for anyone come criticism you because that picking the obvious selection of bow. Many people use it and for good reason.

This type of write-up is specifically what the Milestone Monday difficult is for, proclaiming your recent achievements.

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Op · 5y

Thank friend :)


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Why is it good? describe pls? Adept Bow fan here as well.

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230 Raw

30 Blast


Power cloak lvl 2

Element coat lvl 2

Sleep Coat


Pierce lvl 2

Spread lvl 4

Rapid lvl 4

Rapid lvl 5 (needs fill up)


2 Slots

Looks Decent

Okay because that sleep bombing


TL;DR: This bow is stupidly powerful. Every hunter have to make it.

230 raw and also 30 blast room both top-tier in terms of damage in each particular class. Integrate this damage with lvl 2 Power and Elemental coatings, and you will certainly be doing no only great damage because that a bow, however some that the highest damages for any kind of weapon in the game. Mix in sleep battle for included fun.

Rapid type arrows space favored by plenty of for their ability to snipe weak points; Teostra's bow uses this at fee 3 (and charge 4 through the skill pack Up, conveniently attainable v the Barrage Earring), which melds well v Adept Style, given the truth that adept evades placed you right at level 3. Additionally, Adept lets you cancel into power shots, which allows you volley quick power shots right into a monster with rapid succession.

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On top of every this, the weapon has actually 2 slots, allowing for flexibility when looking for armor skills.