Mass Effect Andromeda Defeating The Kett is an optional mission that is added to your log during early story quest A Better Beginning, but is worth holding off on until much later in the game due to its difficulty.

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The mission takes the form of a protracted assault on a heavily fortified base filled with a lot of high-level enemies, so we"d recommend being at least level 30 and owning high-tier weapons and armour before taking it on.

If you"re after help for parts of the game, consult our Mass Effect Andromeda walkthrough and guide.

Defeating the Kett

Note: at time of writing this quest suffers from an intermittent glitch; if you get caught by it it"s still possible to complete the mission, it will just be more difficult than it was designed to be.

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Once you feel ready to tackle it, gather your squad together and make your way to the marker - we"d recommend Cora and Drack as she comes in handy to keep your shields up, and he"s useful for clearing a path.

When you reach the dome eliminate the enemies outside the front door, interact with the terminal on the left, and then hold your position while SAM slowly hacks the security system - enemies will continue to spawn even after the door unlocks, so as soon as SAM is finished head inside and ignore the survivors.



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Your next objective is on ground level at the rear of the facility. Activate the terminal against the far wall and then move forward into the chamber ahead.

You"ll now be facing off against a hoard of Kett along with an Invictor, another variant of the Cardinal. He will target you rather than your squad, so leave them to deal with the smaller enemies while you take down the boss - destroy his shield orb, deal as much damage as you can before it recharges, and repeat.

Once the boss is down the other enemies finally stop spawning, so eliminate any remaining Kett and then head into the next room. Use the elevator to reach the lower level, use the console near the far window to finish the quest, and loot the containers on your way back out.

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