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This no MOD... This simple Solution on Sensitivity computer mouse after apply mod - "Mass result Mouse Fix" top top Nexus.These actions expand the selection of computer mouse Sensitivity in ~ the confines of standart 100% mouse sensitivity in game setting.

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Mass impact Mouse Fixthis an easy Solution top top Sensitivity mouse after apply Mass result Mouse settle

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Hi men !)This my solve of this very great mod  Mass impact Mouse Fix - which the removes mouse acceleration...(but at the very same time provides the mouse sensitivity nice low v the 100% slider in the video game menu)If you need MORE SENSITIVITY in your MOUSE ~ Mass impact Mouse settle ...You need EDIT 3 FILES - "...GuiResources.ini" in this path: x:\GAMES\Mass Effect\data\config1 - file 1 ("DefaultGuiResources.ini") x:\GAMES\Mass Effect\data\config2 - file 2 ("DefaultGuiResources.ini")x:\Users\user\Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect\Config - file 3 ("BIOGuiResources.ini") Find (Ctrl+F) and edit this line "MaxMouseSense=11" come "MaxMouseSense=33" (example "33")"These plot expand the range that Mouse Sensitivity within the boundaries of standart 100% mouse sensitivity in video game setting.Now You can change the sensitivity what you desire as normal from the game menu"And you have actually cool mouse Sensitivity and also no have Mouse Acceleration =)Peace)