Warlock – Eldritch Invocations – Mask of countless Faces(Disguise Self)

At first, ns really didn’t think that non-combat spells were every that advantageous compared to the instant need of a combat spell, particularly in what was turning out to be mostly a dungeon crawl. However, I want to stay true to my personality so ~ above reaching second level mine half-elf Warlock, Sagan Bra’el obtained the mastery the Mask of countless Faces.

In the D&D Player’s Handbook 5e p.107, Warlocks in ~ level two start to learn pieces of forbidden knowledge recognize as Eldritch Invocations. In ~ this level you uncover 2 invocations and at greater levels you get more. Most invocations are easily accessible unless they have actually a prerequisite. Because that example, at level one,my character Sagan learnt the cantrip Eldritch Blast (p237). Eldritch Blast is a prerequisite because that the Eldritch Invocation, Agonizing Blast (p110) which enables the Warlock to include its Charisma modifier come the damage it deals.

Mask of numerous Faces


The Eldritch Invocation, Mask of numerous Faces is basically Disguise self (p233).

However in this Warlock invocations the player can contact upon the mask at will without utilizing up a order slot. Disguise self enables you come look like one more humanoid creature of similar stature and also build. Whatever you space carrying and wearing also readjusted into your desired disguise. Girlfriend are limited by about a foot higher or shorter in height and you should keep the same about of limbs. The disguise is an ext of an illusion and won’t organize up to physics scrutiny, for this reason don’t obtain too close.

I think the best part of making use of this invocation is that you can contact it whenever you want and it won’t use up the Warlock’s very restricted spell slots.

Using Mask of many Faces

I used Mask of plenty of Faces in my last campaign as component of mine warlock character named Sagan. I supplied this three time v what was greatly a dungeon crawl. I didn’t mean to usage this invocation so much, but my vision of mine character’s relationship with the Otherworldly Patron (p108) to be such that to keep my relationship with her, I had actually to convince young lads come bed my succubus mistress in exchange because that the strength she provided me. Utilizing the Mask of plenty of Faces permitted me to carry out this job anonymously.

In the game, I offered this invocation 2 times during encounters and one time towards the end of my character’s life to present the increasing power Sagan’s mistress, Silussa, had over him.

Hiding in level Sight

Shit! I deserve to hear them coming. Over there are means too many of them because that me to take it out and also our party is separated and our Rogue is at this time hiding behind the table.

Stuff it, ns think. If i slouch under in the chair and also reduce myself under to my minimum disguise height, i should have the ability to bluff our way out.

I adjust instantly as two goblins burst through the door and see a contempt odd feather Goblin slouched in a chair, clearly drunk. The ‘drunk goblin’ hurls and also empty cup at the wall surface in the hope to highlight the resource of the noise that attracted these two goblins here. The two goblins mutter something to me in my goblin form. Bugger, i don’t speak goblin. How do ns charisma drunk mumble? Nevermind, I simply try. They get close and as i think castle are about to leave, my Rogue companion litter a dart at one of them. So…ah…yeah. No suggest staying in disguise now.

Delivering a Message

My companions and also I find a series of messages on the skeletal remains of a pair of hobgoblins. It simply so happens that there is a company of hobgoblin mercenaries protecting the entrance to a place we have to access. The messages the we uncover suggest the the human who hired them might not be the finest of character, also for a hobgoblin. The leader of the mercenaries must have actually sent these two – currently skeleton – hobgoblins to the mercenaries guarding this location with this message.

I take the type of one of them and make it show up that I have actually a devastatingly gaping wound throughout my confront making it impossible for me come speak. Then with the assistance of mine Rogue companion in the shadows, ns stagger down stairs to meet the hobgoblin crumpling on the stairs as if go back to report a blog post on my critical legs. Feebly ns raise my my hand clasping the message to the mercenaries.

They ask because that the password. Seriously? space their eye painted on? Look in ~ me! i splutter and also gurgle incoherently together I notify my DM that I progressively lift my disfigured hobgoblin challenge towards the light for them come see.

One of castle takes the message while the various other one security me.

A little time later, one elderly hobgoblin emerges and instructs among them to pick me up. Bugger, my ruse is undone. Once one of the hobgoblin guards reaches to choose me increase he notification an weird discrepancy through what the perceives and also what is physically there. He baulks, unsure. This gives me time come escape increase the stairs, yet not prior to my Rogue companion shoots among them v a crossbow bolt (because it is what that does, ns guess).

Well, so lot for a tranquil settlement.

A Fiend bring away Hold

My mistress has not fed in part time. She warned the there would be results of my disobedience. First, the humiliations would certainly increase, then the madness would creep in. I know that she has actually a plan for me and also a factor for me to it is in here however I don’t recognize what.

The an initial outward indications of points going awry is when one of our party transforms into a spider come reconnoiter the area ahead. In response, mine fiendish mistress forces Mask of numerous Faces upon me in the guise the a spider-man bodysuit. My staff now attributes a fluttering rebound reading, ‘Go Spidey!’ i endure this humiliation till my spider companion returns and awkwardly thanks me.

Moments later, ~ an superior monologue from a floating illusion the Kalarel, my mistress decides to dress me in a ram onesie thinking it one amusing way to fulfill the ram-headed god that the undead, Orcus.


This all provides a visual help for the internal disputes that my character is dealing with that my companions can not otherwise notice.

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It also provides a little humour to Sagan’s tragic end.