In less than a week, Marvel vs Capcom: boundless will it is in released, and along with today"s new trailer, one more rumor has actually surfaced concerning post-launch characters, pricing and the release schedule.

The recent trailer for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite focuses on Resident angry staple kris Redfield.

Since info on post-launch content is a little bit detailed, let"s begin with Chris and get him the end of the way.

In the video, Chris shows off his various brawling abilities along with weapons he"ll it is in using. You"ll check out his typical handgun, a shotgun, rocket launcher, street sweeper, and at one point he also whips out a sword.

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It"s your an easy video showing off the miscellaneous character abilities, really, however if you"re a Resident evil fan that ships Chris, you"ll enjoy it.

In various other Marvel vs Capcom: limitless news, the appears an ext information ~ above DLC personalities has perhaps surfaced.

Over on reddit, SeraphimWing has actually posted information pertaining to post-launch contents characters, together with pricing and also release dates. According to the post, which need to be taken as a rumor till Capcom confirms things, the first character fill will relax on October 3 and also contains 2 characters: Sigma and Black Panther.

Datamining previously outed Mega man villain Sigma who was later confirmed, and also in the exact same data dump, black color Panther was likewise outed as among six DLC characters. You deserve to keep track of every confirmed and also rumored Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite personalities in our roster round up, together it"s gaining a little bit confusing in ~ this point.

Also stated in the write-up are the various other datamined personalities Venom, Winter Solider, and Hunter indigenous the Monster Hunter series. The other character, again according to the post, is Street Fighter 3"s key villain Gill (thanks, occasion Hubs).


In Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, Gill will be a "a hard hitting character who can deal heavy quantities of damages thanks to his powerful normals," states SeraphimWing in the post. Gill will likewise retain his specials native Street Fighter 3 in addition to his resurrection skill.

It also appears Ultron Sigma can be unlocked by completing Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite"s Story setting on both difficulty settings.

More information on the various other rumored characters was detailed regarding their particular move sets, v Hunter described as a damages dealer through a differed arsenal of weapons from the Monster Hunter series. She will certainly be sporting the Rathalos armor, and in addition to a good sword will use flash bombs, traps and barrel bombs.

Other bits in the article mention more stages being in development, one of which is called "Asteroid S - Throne that the four Gods," and also could be based turn off "Asteroid M native the X-Men comics and the Shadaloo base from Street Fighter."

Post-launch characters, it"s said, will certainly be released in pairs and can be purchased together or separate. Bag will price $9.99 if a single character will run persons $5.99, or the local equivalent.

Free DLC is likewise said to be in the works and also will emphasis on many Infinity rock surges, storms and a brand-new game modes, including an digital tournament mode.

Again, document all of this together a rumor till Capcom confirms the information.

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Marvel vs Capcom: unlimited releases next week on September 19 because that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.