Married at an initial Sight"s Jamie Otis and also Doug Hehner open up up to about their an initial days at home as a household of four

The Married at an initial Sight: Couples' Cam stars welcomed their baby boy last Wednesday at house in new Jersey, and also open up in's latest issue about their very first days as a family members of four.

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"It was intense. The contractions came and also they were favor fire — all-consuming of my whole entire body," says Otis, 33. "It to be very, really painful, however I make the efforts really tough not to panic and also reminded myself the my baby young is going v the same specific thing that i am."

"My midwife finished up help me supply him, and he came out and also was perfect. That didn't also really cry!" claims the reality star, who gave birth in their bedroom. "I had to wake up him come cry. He was so calm."

Adds proud new father of two Hehner, 36, "I was never more in love through someone and in awe of someone than watching her give birth to our son."

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Afterwards, the labor-and-delivery nurse claims she feel an immediate bond v Hendrix the she hadn't at first experienced with their daughter Henley "Gracie" Grace, who transforms 3 in August.

"I feeling so associated to him. Ns did not get that form of link with Gracie," claims Otis. "I birthed the in the corner, climate literally to walk to mine bed v my placenta still inside me, the attached, and also was able come start simply doing skin-to-skin for six to 7 hours."

While Gracie is tho adjusting to having actually a brand-new baby brother ("She make the efforts to host him and got a small scared," states Hehner), the Hot Marriage, Cool Parents co-hosts are confident she'll it is in a "protective" enlarge sister.

"She's definitely going to be bossy. She bosses united state around, and I think she's certainly going to it is in loving and nurturing as well," says Otis. "She always rocks her small baby dolls come sleep. She's walk to it is in the best large sister."

After welcome Gracie, the pair — who lost their an initial son, Johnathan Edward, in ~ 17 weeks gestation in 2016 — struggled come conceive, enduring a chemical pregnant in 2018 and a miscarriage at 10 weeks along in 2019.

"I didn't think us were going come have any kind of issues because we shed our very first baby in the second trimester," claims Otis. "I was nearly thinking God wouldn't carry out that to us again. Then we had actually those 2 losses ago to back, and I to be like, 'Are we going to even have the ability to have a baby?' "

Just together they were about to visit a fertility professional 18 month later, the pair discovered they to be expecting.

"It's miracle to check out him. I simply feel choose soul is through us with this tiny guy," claims Otis. "I'm beyond thankful ns was maybe to have actually him."

Married at first Sight: Couples' cam (produced by Kinetic Content) premieres Wednesday in ~ 8 p.m. ET top top Lifetime.

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For more on Jamie Otis and also Doug Hehner's brand-new bundle that joy, choose up the latest concern of, on newsstands Friday.

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