So ns think when you are brand-new to the video game you have actually trouble finding your way around. (I specifically did and also I bet plenty of other execute too, I obtained asked by who yesterday how to acquire to Henesys.) Anyway ns going to make a overview to travelling about maple world.

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There are a few different techniques that are all quick (Im not doing the contiental carry ships, the is method too slow)

First i would prefer to define 2 vital terms I will certainly be using.

Interdimesional winter - A portal situated in every town leading to some areas throughout Maple World.


Interdimesional Portal - A portal found in Six path Crossway that will take you to Pantheon and then the Pantheon portal takes you to any town in Maple World.


Quick relocate - A little menu under the map once you room in most towns.

1. Alishan/Momijigaoka method

Using the interdimensional winter you have the right to take it come Alishan (After lvl 33) or Momijigoaka (After lvl 18)

For Alishan simply take the portal on the left the the town to take you to Henesys, then you have the right to go come the six course crossway (Either go or utilizing the taxi to sleepywood for much faster access) to find the interdimesional portal. For Momijigaoka, you need to take the portal best until you discover the Mushroom Shrine and also use the green crystal to go to Henesys one then usage the same method.


After around level 15/33 (can"t mental lol) go to Zipangu using fast Move > Interdimensional Mirror and also talk to the bird taxi to go to Six course Crossway. Climb down and talk to the pantheon portal.

2. Maple overview Method

So ~ lvl 30 you have the right to use maple guide to take trip some locations when girlfriend are around the level (Hotkey U) however once you get a completion rubber stamp you deserve to travel at any level. This is advantageous for easily getting come the interdimensional portal. If you complete Gold Beach pursuit (Which I indicate for brand-new players lvl 30-45) you deserve to take the maple overview there and also talk to the pilot Irvin to go to the Six path Crossway. Another method is Sleepwood at lvl 66, death 250 copper drakes gives the completion rubber stamp for it and also it take away you come Sleepywood which allows you take it the portal out directly to the Six course Crossway

3. Elven Blessing Method

A lesser known technique but no really for brand-new players. If you have the attach skill for Mercedes you have the right to assign it come a vital and the takes you to Elluel i beg your pardon is close to Ellinia. The will enable you to take it the taxi to Sleepywood.

4. Quick Move

Once in Henesys you deserve to once the quick move food selection to take it either the taxi come sleepywood or to the contential transfer station and climb under to the Six path Crossway.

Character specific an abilities (Most have actually a cooldown)

1. Veritas Method

Xenon has a skill with a cooldown the takes you come a underwater base, the car there will take you to any type of town.

2. Angelic Buster Method

Angelic Buster has a skill that takes her to she room in pantheon

3. Zero Method

Zero can go come his holy place with his ability then walk to Henesys native the portal.

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4. Phantom technique (Not recommended)

Phantom has actually a skill that take away him to Lumiere, then you can get to any town however it bring away a minute of waiting.

5. Cadena an approach (Maybe?)

I dont understand bit friend may have the ability to go back Savage Terminal which has actually a portal to Pantheon