structure Number sort descending Abbreviation(s) building Name
001 EAS George Eastman hall
002 RIA Frank digitalrecordersreview.orgter ice cream Arena
003 CLK, CPC George H. Clark Gymnasium, Campus facility
004 SAU Student Alumni Union
005 WAL Wallace Library
006 LBR Liberal Arts room
007A BOO, SAN, VIG, UNI James E. Booth Hall, Sands family members Studios, Vignelli center for design Studies, university Gallery
007B GAN Frank E. Gannett room
008 GOS Thomas Gosnell room
009 GLE James E. Gleason hall
010 ROS Lewis P. Ross hall
011 SHD Student hall for expedition and development
012 LOW Max Lowenthal hall
013 ORN Orange hall
014 HLC Hugh L.

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Carey hall
015 MON Monroe room
016 SMT Schmitt Interfaith facility
017 ENG Engineering hall
018 COL Color scientific research Hall
020 RKA Riverknoll Apartments
022 POL Gene Polisseni Arena
023 HAC, AUG Hale-Andrews college student Life Center, August facility
024 GOR Gordon ar House & tasks Center
025 GWH Grace Watson hall
027, 029 BHA, BHB, BHC, BHD Frances Baker hall (A, B, C, D)
028 RHA Residence room A
030 RHB Residence room B
031, 033 CHA, CHB, CHC, CHD, CHE Eugene Colby hall (A, B, C, D)
032 RHC Residence hall C
035, 037 KGH, CHF, CHG Kate Gleason Hall, Eugene Colby room (F, G)
039, 041 FHA, FHB, FHC, FHD Helen Fish room (A, B, C, D)
043 NRH Nathanial Rochester room
047 SHH Sol Heumann room
049 CGH Carlton Gibson hall
050A MEH Mark Ellingson hall
050B PTH Peter Peterson hall
050C RHD Residence hall D
053 RSC Rosica room
055 CSD Student development Center
060 LBJ Lyndon Baines Johnson hall
070 GOL, GCI Golisano Hall, global Cybersecudigitalrecordersreview.orgy academy
071 MSS MAGIC order Studios
073 INS Institute room
074 LAC Laboratory for applied Computing
075 CBT Center because that Bioscience education and learning & an innovation
076 CAR Chester F. Carlson center for Imaging scientific research
077 BLC Bausch & Lomb center
078 SLA Louise Slaughter hall
080 RED Red Barn
081 SUS Golisano Institute because that Sustainability
082 ENT Engineering technology Hall
083 MPT Music Performance theatre
084 POA Professional Office Annex
086 BRN Brown room
087 USC, SIH University services Center, Student development Hall
088 ANX Annex
089 CRS Crossroads
099 FMS Facilities administration Services
150 TPD 125 tech Park drive
300-330 UCS University Commons Suites
400 GVP Global village Plaza
403 GVC Global Village method C
404 GVD Global Village means D
405 GVE Global Village way E
604 GHA Greek residence A - Zeta Tau Alpha
608 GHB Greek home B - Delta Phi Epsilon
612 GHC Greek home C - Alpha Sigma Alpha
616 GHD Greek residence D - Phi Kappa Psi
620 GHE Greek home E - Alpha Xi Delta
624 GHF Greek residence F - Pi Kappa Phi
905 905 Annex V
906 906 Annex by means of
907 907 Annex VII
908 908 Annex VIII
909 909 Annex IX
WEL WEL Welcome center