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many of the conversation roughly draft time centers about the height prospects. Castle the exciting ones through the highlight-reel tape and also the surname that many everyone currently knows, and of food the 2018 NFL breeze is no different.

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Getting less conversation are the guys down the draft boards. The players who are related to as among the finest on their college teams, but don’t have actually the upstream traits or production that acquire scouts and the media excited. But these players space the ones that fill the end NFL rosters and also can make, or break, a team with solid coaching or a wise selection on the critical day the the draft.

That is what brand-new York Giants GM Dave Gettleman was talking about when he spoke of grinding the tape searching for contributors -- looking at players choose Washington State’s Cole Madison, that will most likely be selected in the 5th round or later, but could end up being contributors.



Very light and quick feet. Is no a “plodding” offensive lineman at all.Active hands. Functions to establish inside place on defenders’ and also use his hand to blunt rushes.Is a organic knee bender and also uses a large base.Disciplined in mirroring rushers.Surprisingly an excellent run blocker.


Generally has actually a bad to nonexistent kick-slide.Hands deserve to occasionally gain wild. Can occasionally lunge in ~ defenders, or conversely, it is in a bit passive.

Prospect video

What they’re speak

Analysis: I got a lot much more than I meant from Madison this week. He to be tough, efficient and also fundamentally sound. He blocks with good lean because that a high lineman and also played with excellent balance and also vision. He is going to be a job 3 pick however could end up beginning at safety in the ideal system.”

-Tony Pauline (DraftAnalyst)

Does he Fit The Giants?

In every likelihood, Cole Madison isn’t going to it is in drafted in the an initial two work of the draft. If the is going to it is in drafted, it will certainly be some time on the third day, and also probably later on rather 보다 earlier. The is walk to be a player that shows sufficient promise to make a roster as a back-up and also special teamer, and will have to fight his means up the depth chart.

In fact, his course to an NFL roster spot might not even be at the tackle place he play in college. While he sometimes flashes a decent kick-slide, on many pass plays the is usually nonexistent, and he rather backpedals right into his happen set, which can lead to a variety of issues in taking on defenders.

But there space things to like around him. That does play through a pretty base, and appears to be a natural knee bender that can quickly sink his hips. He has active hands and a all set punch, and seems to know the prominence of obtaining a defender’s chest.

Personally, while i wouldn’t precisely close the door on attack tackle, ns would give Madison a long look within at guard. That does have really light feet because that a big man, and could have exceptional feet for a guard, where he wouldn’t have to cover as much area. He was also woefully under-used in the run game in Washington State’s pass-happy offense.

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If the brand-new York Giants are looking for a lineman late in the draft with the potential to build into a beginning guard or high high quality “super-sub”, Cole is definitely worth a look.

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