You can uncover the actual Fill device in the toolbar but there space several other tools that you can use to fill objects through colors in Adobe Illustrator.

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The to fill action method adding color, or facets inside one area. Let me do it easier for you, in Illustrator it method adding/filling color or gradient come objects.

I’ve been using Adobe Illustrator for nine years, working v colors every day, ns use various coloring tools for different occasions. For example, the Eyedropper Tool and Color/Color overview are the tools I supplied the many to to fill colors.

In this article, you’ll learn various tools come fill shade in Adobe Illustrator including where they are and some quick tutorials of exactly how they work.

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Where is the Fill tool in Adobe IllustratorQuick Tutorials & Tips

Where is the Fill device in Adobe Illustrator

Note: Screenshots space taken indigenous the Illustrator CC 2021 Mac version. Home windows or various other versions can look contempt different.

Fill shade using the to fill Tool

The really Fill device is the heavy square icon located in the toolbar. I’m certain you’ve checked out it many times already.

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