Blood In Blood the end is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Blood In Blood Out finished its run in 1970.

It attributes Taylor Hackford as producer, bill Conti in charge of musical score, and also Gabriel Beristain as head that cinematography.

Blood In Blood out is videotaped in English and originally aired in unified States. Each illustration of Blood In Blood out is 180 minutes long. Blood In Blood the end is spread by Walt Disney Studios activity Pictures.

The actors includes: Enrique Castillo as Montana, Damian Chapa as Miklo Velka, Carlos Carrasco as Popeye, Damian Chapa as Miklo, Benjamin Bratt together Paco, Jesse Borrego as Cruz, Lanny Flaherty as huge Al, cutting board F. Wilson as Rollie McCann, and also Luis Contreras together Realthing.

Blood In Blood out Quotes

Benjamin Bratt as Paco

(Benjamin Bratt) "¿What carry out you vatos desire to do ese?" (Spider) "Caele, homies." (Benjamin Bratt) "You gotta pay your dues come me, pinche mamón." (Spider) "You desire to litter it out, puto? Come and also get some. Chale, motherfucker." (Benjamin Bratt) "Man, posesthe You. ¿You want another placazo bad ass? Come and also get that motherfucker." (Spider) "Chinga tu madre. I will reduced your fucking heart out, punk." (Coolaide) "¡ANDALE." (Benjamin Bratt) "¡And posesthe these other vatos, ese. ¡Get increase Chucky, gain up. You fuck v my familia eh, you got to answer to me, here and now come on, toe to toe." (Benjamin Bratt) "¡LET"S walk MOTHERFUCKER. Let"s watch what type of guy you space in daylight." (Benjamin Bratt) "¿What"s the matter, Spider you space scared of me?" (Spider) "¡I"m gonna capture you top top the fuckin" rebound, punk." (Benjamin Bratt) "¡I"m gonna squash you, favor the pinche bug you are, come on MOTHERFUCKER." (Spider) "¡VAMONOS." (Benjamin Bratt) "What a dick" (Thomas F. Wilson) "Dick and also Asshole that"s every you ever call me. What is my name penis Asshole?" (Benjamin Bratt) "You need to not have actually done that to mine brother, Cruzito, ese. Recognize what I median jellybean? girlfriend wanna dance? I recognize a tune, that"s gonna stick and cut."

Damian Chapa together Miklo Velka

(Damian Chapa) "Vatos Locos forever, ese." (Damian Chapa) "When you suppose nothing and also get everything, that"s destiny." (Damian Chapa) "You desire to watch who ns am, huh?" (Jesse Borrego) "¡CALMALA, CALMALA." (Luis Contreras) "I"ll do the warning shots, cabrón." (Smokey) "We deserve to do the running Truck or we deserve to op each other." (Apache) "POCOS PERO LOCOS, HOMIE." (Jesse Borrego) "Miklo, don"t fuck around ese." (Clavo) "Realthing, don"t do it." (Jesse Borrego) "Miklo, this vato is large trouble." (Damian Chapa) "CALLATE." (Clavo) "You blobbed into this game, gabacho, you much better hold in 5 aces." (Damian Chapa) "In the joint i was hustling an ext money than that punk ever dreamed of, he was beat my timeclock. WHAT"S THE GIG?" (Jesse Borrego) "Aguila, Aguila." (Damian Chapa) "¡VIVA VATOS LOCOS." (Spider) "¡I"m gonna fuck girlfriend up, friend Casper looking, motherfucker. ¡Get in the car, Demon." (Benjamin Bratt) "¡VL." (Jesse Borrego) "¡AY VIENEN, AY VIENEN." (Damian Chapa) "¡SHIT." (Benjamin Bratt) "¡FUCK YOU, PUTOS ESE." (Damian Chapa) "¡You should try to ride a tricycle Spider." (Jesse Borrego) "¡Spider puto, you repaint our wall, we"ll paint your ass, ese." (Spider) "¡¿Why you desire to bust ours ride around, punk? ¡Fuck girlfriend Candelaria, we"re taking over this varrio." (Coolaide) "That"s the punk native the Alley." (Damian Chapa) "Hey Spider?" (Spider) "Vato Loco have to be a medication to come here." (Damian Chapa) "¡You reduced my carnal, i"m below to jack friend off, puto." (Damian Chapa) "Im gonna lick girlfriend clean." (Damian Chapa) "What am ns going come tell my special amnesty officer?" (Carlos Carrasco) "Tell him come suck his pee-pee." (Damian Chapa) "What am ns gonna call my parole officer?"

thomas F. Wilson together Rollie McCann

Jesse Borrego together Cruz

(Jesse Borrego) "For 10 years, I"ve to be star-trekking through the Twilight Zone." (Jesse Borrego) "Hey dwellings you can"t come here any kind of more, unless you"re gonna bust me." (Benjamin Bratt) "¿And that the FUCK gave you permission to use my tiny brother in her paintings?" (Jesse Borrego) "¡I don"t need permission native you, he"s my carnalito too." (Benjamin Bratt) "Don"t you usage Juanito together an excuse come wreck your life. ¡YOU DON" have actually THAT RIGHT." (Jesse Borrego) "Si culero, ¡¿I don"t have actually that right, huh? Fuckin" ideal I don"t" (Jesse Borrego) "¡I don"t have that fuckin" right. ¿You want him out of my paint joto? ¡All right, all appropriate THERE that IS. ¡AHI ESTA, TOMA, take it IT man COME ON. Juanito always loved me more than you, homes. Tu dare creeias muy chingón yet you were always so much of a badass to love the small vato. Similar to you are now so lot of a fucking gibberish you kill YOU"RE very own PEOPLE." (Benjamin Bratt) "NOOOOOOOO. Don"t you ever before say that to me again Cruzito, ns let girlfriend say that one an ext time." (Jesse Borrego) "¡QUE PUTO WHAT THE FUCK. You"re gonna kick my ass? well caiga LET"S acquire DOWN.

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Which you"re the badass." (Benjamin Bratt) "I don"t want to fight v you tiny brother." (Jesse Borrego) "Well what, bust me? fine come ~ above gabacho you"re the law. Do you"re job." (Jesse Borrego) "¡DO YOU"RE FUCKING JOB." (Jesse Borrego) "You think you provided your brotherhood up prefer a shooting of tequila?" (Jesse Borrego) "Take the pain far --"

Enrique Castillo together Montana

(Enrique Castillo) "What execute you want?" (Damian Chapa) "I assumed you want it." (Enrique Castillo) "What?" (Damian Chapa) "My chop." (Enrique Castillo) "I don"t want his pork chop." (Enrique Castillo) "I desire his life."

Carlos Carrasco as Popeye

(Carlos Carrasco) "White bitch, give me part chon-chon." (Damian Chapa) "Get away from me." (Carlos Carrasco) "You gain NOTHING for cost-free in here punk." (Damian Chapa) "CHINGA TU MADRE." (Carlos Carrasco) "Hey, Cinderella, go find yourself a fella, you"re ~ above the clock bitch and midnight is coming, you obtained the not correct man."

Lanny Flaherty as large Al

(Lanny Flaherty) "Move on nigger, before I carpet my cell through your black skin." (Lanny Flaherty) "And now for my brown brothers -- i m really sorry no tortillas." (Lanny Flaherty) "Im about finished wait for my money, punk."

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