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RemixWe fall asleep naked; us wake increase nakedYou understand what that mean, pussy for breakfastAnd ns know just how she like it, I"m a psychicI eat the then i go earlier to sleep, that"s the itisAnd she be by it s her she a lonerTrukfit – I"m the ownerI make her moan call her MonaI have actually a threesome if they cloned herAnd me I"m purple kush foreverI"m violet drink foreverA cock make her feeling retarded, she say ns make her feel specialWhen i ain"t reasoning "bout them various other hoesEver due to the fact that you placed that pussy on meI told her put that pussy top top me rightAnd I"mma adjust your lifeAnd don"t sit on height of this prick if you scared of heightsAnd shawty it is in like...This pussy for you, i ask her is it true and also she say choose a horseshoeShe obtained that nigga surname covered, that"s a war-woundShe lay me on my earlier and ride this penis like VroomThen I revolve on the lights, yeah and look in her eyesGirl that pussy as well tight, you require a pussy massageShe obtained a body prefer a mermaid, she a to add first-aidThey asked me what"s she race and I say very first placeTunechiTell her ns skateAnd shawty under the earth, however bitch I need my spaceAnd she gon" journey this dick, I had a long dayShe speak c** anyway friend want, I provide a Santa Claus faceWe gon" rotate up tonight, the pussy feel newBut us been fucking method before I went to Rikers IslandNow she obtained a male I think that gayer than a stylistI wish us were both solitary like a pair dollarsAnd when we acquire together she it is in on the Miley CyrusSo us eat each various other up, favor some SomaliansShe understand I gained a girl however she keep this shit a thousandWhenever we with each other she don"t ever ask around usShe just be prefer – this pussy because that youI stated come and eat this bone, and also stop eating dog foodAnd she obtained that nigga name covered that"s a battle woundAnd she place me ~ above my ago and then she punch me prefer boomThen I rotate on the lights, yeah climate look in her eyesGirl the pussy also tight, you require a pussy massageShe acquired a body choose a mermaid, she a to add first-aidI put her in her place and that"s very first placeTunechiTell her ns skateI ain"t got no worriesNo Frank s I"m straightTunechiTell em" I"m straightTunechi