Liberty iron & metal Holdings LLC, a scrap metal recycling company headquartered in Phoenix, has actually announced that Scholz United says Inc., its majority shareholder, has obtained the continuing to be interest native the company’s decimal shareholder, the Diamond family. Through the buyout, Scholz group is now the sole shareholder that Liberty iron & Metal and also has full regulate over all operations.

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“This is an exciting time for the brand-new Liberty steel & Metal, that is employees, customers and also partners,” says Mike Diamond, chief operating officer the Liberty steel & Metal. “The strategic alliance through Scholz permits us to maintain the finest top-level scrap experts in the industry in order to proceed working with every one of our customers, suppliers and also vendors and also positions united state to leverage our field of expertise with the sources afford indigenous the global presence that Scholz.”

With the Diamond"s revenue of the decimal stake, Liberty stole & metal says it will be able to strengthen the firm financially and grow that is business.

“The new Liberty stole & Metal is among the leading metal recycling and also processing facilities in the East and also Southwest, with significant scale, diverse company capabilities and also a strong customer base,” claims Mike Greulich, CEO of Scholz joined States. “We look front to supporting Liberty stole & metal to proceed to flourish the service in a brand-new set-up through greater access to the jae won strength and resources accessible at Scholz.”

Liberty iron & metal was formed in 2007 when the German company Scholz Group, Liberty and also four affiliates created the joint venture, Liberty steel & metal Holdings LLC. The joint undertaking eventually thrived to include scrap steel operations in Ohio, Pennsylvania and a place with a company in Mexico.

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Liberty iron & Metal includes Premier metals in Rochester, brand-new York; Diamond Hurwitz in Buffalo, new York; Liberty iron in Erie, Pennsylvania; Mercer Corp., Sharon, Pennsylvania.; interstate Shredding, Girard, Ohio; Liberty iron & steel Southwest in Phoenix; and We buy Scrap, located in Arizona and in Kalischatarra, Mexico.

The buyout that the Diamond family members follows a variety of moves taken by Scholz end the past several months to consolidate ownership. In beforehand October, Liberty Iron obtained the 30 percent stake that Rush steel Asset Holdings LLC had actually in in Liberty Southwest Holdings.

While Rush offered off the stake, Liberty Iron claims the agency will continue to it is in a solid business companion and senior advisor.

Also in October, the Scholz Group got the Olgin family’s stake in Liberty iron & Metal.