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Dude! let Me In! I"m A Fairy! refers to an exploitable template based upon a Junji Ito comic in characters or pets looking through a home window or door, v the expression "Dude! allow me in! I"m a fairy!" on them for a creepy effect.

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The panels originally show up in Junji Ito"s The Junji Ito horror Comic Collection" Volume 16: Frankenstein (フランケンシュタイン). The initial run of the Manga was released from 1994 to 1998, with the gathered edition also being published in 1998.<1> The story is a loosened adaptation of mar Shelley"s 1818 novel Frankenstein. This panels present up on web page 176 of the finish collection. The initial panels show Frankenstein"s monster laughing at medical professional Victor Frankenstein after that discovers the his father and his fiance were killed by the monster.


It is unknown precisely where or when the original edited message version of this meme came from. One of the oldest known postings the the picture was posted on the /b/ board of 4chan top top September 2nd, 2006, with a story about how "This dude tried to break into my house last night v the home window at 2am."

It has due to the fact that spread to various other sites such as FunnyJunk<2>, Reddit<5>, and Bodybuilding.com<6>.There space several different kinds of variations, ranging from including different personalities to the original panels, fully redrawing the same panels with different settings and also characters, to screenshots and also photos through the subtitle "Dude! allow me in! I"m a Fairy!" These might or may not include the phrase "Don"t you think in fairies?"


There was also a slight climb in popularity of this meme after the announcement of Fairy type Pokémon starting with Pokémon X and Y, with various various versions using Fairy form Pokémon in location of Frankenstein"s monster. The oldest understand version that this was posted by AsgardGoddess in February 2013 on /r/pokemon,<4> replacing the monster"s face with that of freshly announced Fairy form Pokemon Sylveon.


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Animal Variation

Dude! let me in! the me! Mittens! is a comparable concept, and also likely spawned from Dude! allow me in! I"m a fairy! These photos are often photos of miscellaneous wild animals looking into the windows and doors of houses, similar to a home cat wanting to come inside. The caption "It"s me! Mittens!" refers to the reality that "Mittens" is a typical name because that pet owner to offer cats. The an initial known version of this was posted by on June 14th 2012 on daily Picks and Flicks.<3>

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