Anita Revel, artist, Margaret flow region. Inspired by beautiful words, ethereal backgrounds, solid colours and shoes. Behold the Light!

The phrase “Let she sleep, for once she wakes, she will relocate mountains” is based upon a comment make by Napoleon Bonaparte, around China: “Let she sleep, for when she wakes, she will certainly shake the world.”

It means that if China was once a sleeping giant, he foresawit climbing up and also shaping the people like never before.

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So too, a woman can “wake up” and also become powerful. Once she is all set to rise; to claim her sacred and sassy self; may the human being look in awe in ~ what she have the right to achieve.


History the Let her Sleep

Originally, ns asked Sara Marie Fedele come pose for this portrait, through the on purpose of submitting it come the Archibald Prize. The Archibald is awarded each year to the best portrait ofsomeone “distinguished in art, letters, scientific research or politics, painted by any kind of artist residents in Australasia”.

I think my possibilities of to win (or also being selected!) are slim at best, however the endure would be fabulous.

Besides, it aided me accomplish Sara Marie, that as irony would have it, is the owner of my book, Chakra Vitality!

Anyhoo, i admire her together a person, and also a reality TV personality,because she demonstrated such fortitude and personality during her stay in the inaugural big Brother home in 2001.

Making it to the final three, Sara Marie readjusted Australian television history when she allegedly accomplished enough votes to win, but as the display aired two hours later in her aboriginal Western Australia, west coast votes were not counted.

Sad face!!

Since then, and thanks come the experience with Sara Marie, mirrors that require audience voting hold-up the count until all nation-wide votes are in.

Happy face!!

This portrait celebrate Sara Marie preparing to rise, shows the bright and bold layout of art that she loves. I think she is a worthy subject of one Archibald prize entry, oui?!

I great “Let her Sleep” every the finest with her new, fabulous owner, whoever that may be!

Shine on!❤ Anita Revel

PS Wanna cheer me on in the Art difficulty of 2015? Or watch me fail (ha ha!)? i ordered it to the blog (below)to remain in the loopity-loop.

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PPS Wanna to buy this piece? friend can!

Original:181×91 cm, acrylic on extended canvas, $1,550 excluding freight.