Harmonic Matches

Find songs that harmonically matches come Si Llego a Viejo by Lalo Mora. Provided below space tracks with similar keys and also BPM to the track whereby the track deserve to be harmonically mixed.

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DespreciadoLupillo RiveraE♭ Major45B166
Mi Padre QueridoLos Originales De mountain JuanE♭ Major65B178
El CantadorDiego Herrera, Edwin Luna, Leandro Ríos, luis Alfonso Partida El Yaki, Humberto HerreraE♭ Major55B109
Mi Padre Mi Viejo Mi AmigoConjunto AmanecerE♭ Major55B71
La MeseraLuis y JulianE♭ Major65B183
Carino Donde AndarasRaúl HernándezE♭ Major65B105
Y Nos Dieron las DiezLorenzo De MonteclaroE♭ Major45B160
La Cuerva De La PetacaCarlos Y JoseE♭ Major55B95
La Troca Del Moño NegroLos Originales De mountain JuanE♭ Major75B102
Mi ObsesiónLos PalominosC Minor55A177
Sobre La Tumba De Mi PadreValentín ElizaldeC Minor35A107

Si Llego a Viejo through Lalo Mora Information

As of now, this monitor is currently not as popular as various other songs the end there.Si Llego a Viejo doesn"t carry out as much energy as various other songs but, this track have the right to still it is in danceable to some people.

What album is Si Llego a Viejo through Lalo Mora in?

The surname of the album the Si Llego a Viejo by Lalo Mora belongs come is El Amo del Imperio. This track is monitor #9 in El Amo del Imperio by Lalo Mora, which has a total of 13 tracks.

Si Llego a Viejo through Lalo Mora BPM (Tempo)

Si Llego a Viejo has a tempo the 182 BPM.Since this track has a tempo the 182, the tempo markings the this song would bePresto (very, very fast).Overall, we think that this song has a rapid tempo.

Si Llego a Viejo through Lalo Mora Key

The vital of Si Llego a Viejo is E♭ Major. In various other words, for DJs who are harmonically matchings songs, the Camelot an essential for this monitor is 5B.So, the perfect camelot match for 5B would certainly be either 5B or 6A.While, 6B can offer you a low energy boost.For moderate power boost, you would use 2B and a high energy boost can one of two people be 7B or 12B.Though, if you desire a low power drop, girlfriend should trying to find songs v either a camelot key of 5A or 4B will offer you a low power drop, 8B would be a center one, and 3B or 10B would certainly be a high energy drop.Lastly, 2A permits you to readjust the mood.

When to be Si Llego a Viejo through Lalo Mora released?

Si Llego a Viejo by Lalo Mora was released on June 26, 2013. "Si Llego a Viejo" is thought about a an old track, due to the fact that it was released 8 years back (2013).

How long is Si Llego a Viejo by Lalo Mora?

The term of Si Llego a Viejo through Lalo Mora is 4:02 or 4 minutes and 2 seconds. This track"s expression is thought about much much longer than various other tracks.

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Is Si Llego a Viejo by Lalo Mora explicit?

The song Si Llego a Viejo by Lalo Mora is no explicit and also is thought about clean. This concludes that "Si Llego a Viejo" is no offensive or unsuitable because that children.