DVD Synopsis and also information:The Mega Rock tape Kiss comes up versus an arch rival, The Phantom. Abner Devereaux, aka The Phantom, is impending up a devious plot come turn people into robot clones and also then take over the world. Kiss has actually to contact upon their one-of-a-kind super strength to combat the evil phantom. The amusement park background is for this reason perfect for this an excellent vs angry or Kiss Vs Phantom matchup. This film to be made just a pair years ~ Kiss had released Kiss lively II, among the best selling live concert albums the the 70s. Wonderfully silly and also hilariously full of laughable dialogue this one is because that a funny night with some popcorn in prior of the TV. Gene and Paul have actually never looked or sounded better.Gene, Paul and the remainder of the Kiss gang provide equally poor performances but that only adds to the unique sauce that this small slice the cheese. This movie is a C Cult standard to be sure and also has aged fine as far as the genre goes. This was Kiss"s foyer into the movies and also it was standard C movie romp. Indigenous the terrible acting, come the super silly story, come the cheesy costumes and the laughable script - KISS pan will certainly LOVE this release. Grab her KISS having lunch box and also get prepared to have actually some fun! The men in KISS are really quite funny in this movie. This was all the rage ago in the so late 70s. Miss Meets The Phantom the The Park DVD 1978 is great fun and KISS memorabilia fans need to rejoice. KISS Meets The Phantom that The Park DVD is still together cheesy and enjoyable as it was almost 40 years ago. KISS Meets The Phantom the The Park DVD is still together enjoyable now as it was in the late 70s. KISS Meets The Phantom of The Park DVD brings back all the old 70s KISS memories in standard KISS style. KISS Meets The Phantom that The Park DVD is an excellent fun and also has every the KISS feeling you"d intend from a so late 70s KISS movie. Actors: Peter Criss, Ace Frehley, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Anthony ZerbeDirectors: Gordon HesslerFormat: Color, full Screen, NTSCLanguage: EnglishAspect Ratio: 1.33:1Rated: NR (Not Rated)Studio: Cheezy Flicks EntertainmentRun Time: 96 minutes

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