And hello there everyone.Welcome come a topic where I desire it come have and that is.where is Yensid in Kingdom hearts Unchained χ


It sound weird maby however I think he has a big role in the story.Maybe that is a student or other .What carry out you think the that? 

Thank friend for analysis this topic.SlayerNL ( Steeghs )


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Considering Chi/Unchained Chi takes ar who-knows-how-many years before the various other games, he"s probably not born yet.

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he"s most likely not even alive yet. After ~ all, X is usually saying that the disney people didnt"t necessarily exist approximately the time. Ergo, nobody of the disney characters exist either. If any type of disney character existed throughout that time, it would most likely be Merlin.

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he"s most likely not even alive yet. ~ all, X is basically saying that the disney civilizations didnt"t necessarily exist about the time. Ergo, none of the disney personalities exist either. If any kind of disney personality existed during that time, it would most likely be Merlin.

The tome is malfunctioning since of the absent page and the occasions from the future room mapping top top to your time. The same reason that emblem heartless exist


They are the an outcome of the publication of Prophecies do projections the objects, worlds and people who appear in the future. I m sorry is why we watch Mickey as well as the older version of Hercules.

He likely doesn"t exist yet. Also, I"m not obtaining that vibe at all, he doesn"t seem to have ANYTHING to carry out with this game.

Dunno if you understand Fantasia he must be really old.

He is telling the story for this reason it renders sense if he to be there.

Btw Disney personalities don"t age



Oh nvm that was the step from 0.2. However Yen Sid can still tell the story and then KHx back cover begins.

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They are the an outcome of the book of Prophecies making projections of objects, worlds and also people who show up in the future. Which is why we check out Mickey and the older version of Hercules.

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Yeah, personally, ns agree v everyone here! The Keyblade War, the age Of Fairy Tales, spans thousands of years, so ns don"t think Yen Sid even exists during the period Of Fairy Tales, ya know? The only method he could show up is via projection, together all other Disney characters have appeared in this game so far!


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