Detroit’s American negative Ass release official video clip for “American rock ‘n Roll”

Blending his love because that country, rock and soul music, Kid Rock continues to stay appropriate with his newest single “American rock ‘n Roll.” Taken indigenous his eleventh studio album Sweet southern Sugar, the video clip was filmed at the Hi-Way 50 Drive-In (Lewisburg, TN). On the movie screen behind Rock and also his band, you have the right to see clips that Slash, Bob Seger, Elvis, Dr. Dre and Willie Nelson, as well as many others, who have all assisted shape the music landscape right here in America.

If you choose what you hear, head top top over below where Sweet southerly Sugar is available for stream, digital download and/or purchase then head on over to Rock’s official website and also check the end the upcoming tour days for his American absent ‘n Roll tourism 2018.


Photos by Brent Groh

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Erik"s attention in music started at very early age. In high school, he to be the co-host the the secret metal display the social Mutilation Hour, ~ above 89.5 WAHS, as Neurotik Erik. During this duration of his life, that independently promoted shows as Ding Dong Ditch Productions. Erik would certainly rent out neighborhood VFW Halls, use an are at Oakland neighborhood College Auburn Hills Campus, or simply throw basement parties around the Detroit area. If at college at Ferris State University, he ended up being head the the student operation organization, to chat Unlimited, and continued to promote shows, however on a bigger scale. He likewise helped begin an secret magazine, "Outpunk", wherein he interviewed bands and wrote music reviews. Additionally, Erik join the staff at the Ferris State university Torch and also wrote on a bigger scale.

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