If you a continual reader of ours awesome website, you should know that here we are all pretty addicted come microdermabrasion machines since this is hands under the most reliable anti aging treatment among home treatments. (Yeah, we are not talking about lasers and stuff that is also pretty effective.. Yet for the time being now, laser is not easily accessible at home ;))

We have actually been searching for the finest machines for united state (of course, stop be honest) and for girlfriend our faithful readers. We have shortlisted 10 at home microdermabrasion machines and also decided to test 5 of them to discover our peak 3. The Kendal mechanism shares the an initial place that our optimal 3 with Microderm MD.

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I need to say, i was the most excited tester that the group, because, I have actually had many microdermabrasion sessions v a high end spa (needless to say, it expense me a fortune yet I certainly prefer to spend money of mine skin to invest it on an intricate clothes that will be out of fashion in 1 week…)

So when I uncovered out we would be trial and error those machines, ns was end the moon, because I had actually never dared to try one of it… ns am sometimes a actual chicken…But likewise I have constantly thought these machines were absolutely not powerful enough to be on a par through my cosmetic expert sessions…. (Which cost 200 $ a session).

Frankly, ns am for this reason glad ns was “forced” to perform the testing because I was so wrong, residence microdermabrasion machines are currently practically as powerful as experienced ones, especially the recent ones… (I am so pissed off, I might have conserved so much money if I had known sooner…)

So you know I wanted a an equipment that could compete with beauty salon ones and also I to be served…

So below is our evaluation of the Kendal expert Diamond Microdermabrasion maker HB-SF01 / HB-SF02

(Don’t let the word skilled confuse you, it is a home machine but is more powerful than most other makers for house use and some professionals also use the in their shop spas).

Just keep reading till the end and also you’ll know everything you need to understand to choose and also buy the ideal fit because that you.

While we were act our evaluation of many different machines, we uncovered that the Kendal was definitely our best maker – however we would like you to come to your very own conclusion, together always.

We will define you why we involved that conclusion.

As a side note please keep in mental the Kendal professional diamond microdermabrasion device HB-SF01 and also HB-SF02 have the exact same specifications, the only difference is the outfit and also the style that are entirely different. Our favorite is the Kendal HB-SF02 because that 2 reasons. (Check them at the end)

What precisely Is It?

No, this isn’t a device designed by kendall Jenner, (easy hoax ) rather it is a diamond guideline microdermabrasion machine. It provides a Diamond Tip, quite than Micro Crystals

We have the right to classify most makers for microdermabrasion right into two groups:

Those v a diamond pointer that slough off the top skin class (with a vaccum that suck up the dead cells)Those that use micro-crystals come exfoliate the top skin layer far (with a vacuum that sucks the crystals increase after they space used and also the dead cells).

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From our standpoint, there is no doubt around the truth diamond machines totally outweigh crystal devices (even beauty spas room switching from decision to diamond devices.). They room safer due to the fact that there is no hazard of getting crystals in her eyes or obtaining irritated from them.

So repeat ~ me: no to crystals, yes to diamond