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ArtistKazumoto Endo
3.57 / 5.00.5 indigenous 2,512 ratings
#231 for 1999, #9,096 overall

noisy, chaotic, playful, sampling, humorous, dense, atonal, mechanical, dissonant, avant-garde, rhythmic, surreal, instrumental, cold

gageblvd Aug 20 2011 4.00 stars
once your headphones have been gradually tearing us apart and also the only thing that isn't creating an audible rattling is this, you understand you've acquired yourself a tasteful noise record. So an innovative and in-tune with physical sensation.

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nightwrath Apr 21 2011 3.50 stars
i was really worried that this'd it is in yet an additional stereotypical wallnoise stuff prefer every album by Incapacitants for example, rather I gain this great cut-n'-paste explosive collage of disco samples, silence/LOUD revolution manipulations and all-around intricate compositional dickery. The new king of noise, ever due to the fact that Juntaro left the noisemaking scene for good (Merzbow is the queen).
Jesus... This is some intense shit.Very rarely carry out noise albums actually provide me headaches no longer (Noisembryo would certainly be the just one actually have trouble getting through, as impressive as that is) since I to be sooooo hardcore, but this actually made me walk numb in my ears and left fifty percent of my brain. This shit's everywhere. My concept is the it's the ---- i that are fucking through me.Pretty lot the most an innovative noise album i have ever heard. An ext noise fiends need to use samples.I'm pretty sure there's a The Gerogerigegege sample in the start of monitor 3 (the drumming sound is identical to Senzuri strength Up), too.Viciously underrated, looking indigenous a Japanoise point of view.MOVE YA BOOODY BWOOTZZZXZZZXZCXFFFFFSSSSHHHHTZTZTTZTZZXXXXXXXXKKKKRRRRRKKKKKKKKKT
despite being something of a noise neophyte, this is the ideal harsh noise record I've heard to date. Structured usage of silence, explosive noise and also twisted pop music samples segueing in and out the the tangle the sound come together to form a extensively listenable and intelligent noise record. 'Itabashi Girl' and also 'Shinjuku Kahki Pants' could actually classify as catchy noise, however the location (and introductory) track really throws you in at the deep end. Persevere - certain recommended.
This is just one of the harshest noise albums I've heard, however it has actually a type of jaunty playfulness to it that comes out in the kind of stunner samples ( think Ground-Zero ) between big expanses of explosive din. The straightforward sound is harsh analogue noise comprised of screeching feedback, metallic noise, loops of heavily distorted bass, and also occasional samples, through a very staccato type devoid of any type of discernible musical structure or progression. The selection and dynamism that the sounds here rival the of the ideal Merzbow, yet it lacks the massiveness and also the exhaustion-inducing element of the latter. This is no a fault, simply a difference in style. This album is an ext twittering and also explosive than many Merzbow releases, typically lapsing into sudden and complete silence just to just as suddenly burst right into a squall that noise. However, for my part, I find "While You to be Out" far much easier to hear to than other albums of same brutality. Likely, this is since of the playfulness and samples I mentioned which imbues the album v an almost humorous high quality at times. The samples room not just juxtaposed, but actually functioned into the noise for this reason that some of the most excessive moments come to be downright attractive ("Shinjuku Khaki Pants" is a good example). Despite its dynamism, the album maintains an overwhelming internal consistency, such that even though each tune is different from every various other they all contain a typical stylistic element. Merely put, it is one of the very best harsh noise albums the end there, and I would highly recommend the for any kind of Merz-head the end there.

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SlydeIn Dec 15 2021 4.00 stars
Wishlist album #6
One that my favorite noise albums to placed on in ~ anytime, its exceptionally harsh and also brutal yet has this kind of comedic ton to it with all these arbitrarily Japanese samples sprinkled in to keep it yes, really fun. Definetly introduce to anyone searching for a good noise record.