Update (December 26, 2016 9:25 a.m.): friend guys, the wait is over: The Kat Von D x Too faced collaboration, much better Together, is now accessible online and in stores and also we are legitimately shedding our shit. Return we absolutely got come play through both KVD and Too confronted products—both in ~ the collab and also outside of—before today, there's nothing prefer seeing a product we've to be obsessing over every year finally drop for sale.

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And simply in instance you require a reminder, here's specifically what you deserve to expect native the collab:

The can be fried Eye arsenal ($65), special a half-dozen that Von D's favourite shadows and also half-dozen for Blandino, add to the KVD fluid Tattoo liner and also the too Faced better Than Sex mascaraThe Cheek and also Lip Double-Sided makeup Bag ($38) , which stocks a best-selling blush and also lipstick from every brand, plus 2 equally adorably decorated makeup situation that you'll desire to present off ~ above Instagram ASAPThe finest Selling Eye Duo ($20), which functions deluxe size of the as well Faced much better Than Sex mascara (more than a few digitalrecordersreview.org editor swear through it) along with the KVD Tattoo liner

All three space now obtainable on toofaced.com, katvondbeauty.com, and sephora.com. Scoop 'em up now before they market out fast—after all, anyone did just gain their Christmas presents (errrr, Sephora gift cards).

Originally posted August 11, 2016.

This summer, makeup lovers received some very interesting news: 2 of the best cult beauty brand confirmed and also released images of their very first collaboration. Yes, we're talking around Kat Von D and Too Faced. The 2 brands will certainly launch their epos Kat Von D x Too confronted collaboration called far better Together top top December 26. And also when we say epic, we average it. The offerings encompass two standouts: the better Together ultimate Eye Collection and also the much better Together Cheek & Lip assembly Bag.

The eye-shadow arsenal is the color pension you check out above. It's actually two different palettes—one from also Faced and one indigenous Kat Von D—that stick together magnetically. Each palette consists of six new eye shadows from each brand and also together will retail because that $65. The Cheek & Lip assembly Bag is likewise superexciting (and totally squee-inducing). It's a double-sided bag (one side mirrors an illustration the Von D's cat, Piaf, and also the other side features a lay out of Too faced cofounder Jerrod Blandino's dog Clover) that contains mini versions of every brand's clip products, all in new hues (except because that the Too confronted Candlelight light Highlighting powder in rose Glow). The new products incorporate Too faced Love flush Blush in for this reason Happy Together, a Kat Von D Everlasting liquid Lipstick in XO, and a Studded Kiss Lipstick in Muse.

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And if girlfriend love the brands' standard products, castle are likewise offering a $20 far better Together Bestselling Mascara & Liner Duo, which contains travel-size execution of the famed Too Faced better Than Sex Mascara and also Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper. Wondering how this entirety collaboration concerned be? Well, girlfriend can find out directly from the source. In an exclude, interview with digitalrecordersreview.org, Von D and also Blandino spill all the details about the game-changing collaboration.

On how they met and also became beauty besties:

Blandino: "Eight year ago, i was in ~ a Sephora district conference—I think in Arizona—and she had just released her line."

Von D: "It to be my very first time suffering anything like that. There to be so numerous makeup brands I thrived up looking increase to, and also honestly, not a most them were really nice. Ns guess in our culture it’s a bit difficult for world to it is in happy for one an additional or to celebrate one one more instead seeing one an additional as competition. Ns was wade around and also this blond guy goes, 'Kat!' and also I didn’t understand who he was, and also he goes, "I simply want to tell you that I’m therefore excited she here. The makeup human being needs you."

Blandino: "For every little thing reason, in our industry, founders no supernice come one another—I don’t understand why. However when i met Kat, i was so excited due to the fact that she brought this beautiful new perspective and this creative, wonderful, and also unique power to our industry. And I fell in love with her. I believed she to be so beautiful and clever. She also has a great heart. So ever due to the fact that then, we’ve to be authentic, real friends that love and support and also celebrate one another."

Von D: "It to be the sweetest thing ever. He goes, 'I'm here with too Faced.' and also I to be like, 'No way.' I got my purse and also said, 'I desire to show you something,' and also I pulled the end the Too challenged Candlelight glow Highlighting Powder. I was like, 'I'm your greatest fan.' and also we’ve just been friends ever before since."

More top top the products that inspired the Kat Von D x Too faced collaboration:

On just how they determined to develop a share collection:

Von D: "I wish I might take credit, yet it was really Jerrod who came up v the idea."

Blandino: "I to be sitting around one day, and also thinking. Something has actually happened in the world where a an essential voice has actually been provided to part cowardly world who hide behind their computer systems or phones and say average things to civilization that castle would never ever say to their face and also criticize brave people who placed themselves the end there. And also I felt the this isn’t OK. So I referred to as Kat up and also said, 'Kat, us love and also celebrate each other and we’re so happy because that each rather successes, and neither that us requirements to fail for the various other to succeed, therefore let’s do something that shows the world that we’re much better together. And maybe fine inspire civilization to stop being so typical or so an unfavorable or so an essential and begin celebrating and also accepting each other in a lot nicer way.' it is really whereby it come from."